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Keep Those Kids Entertained This Summer With Fun Books and Crafts

    How long has school been out for your kids? I home school, so my son has been done since April, and the local kids have been out since the first week of June. We’ve had a very rainy summer so far, and “I’m bored!” Keeps being muttered. (How many times have you heard it so far?) Today I have some great books that will not only engage your kids, but get they creating and busting boredom. Let’s get those kids entertained!

Keep Those Kids Entertained This Summer

    Quarto Knows is seriously my one stop shopping place for great boys. I can’t tell you how many amazing and fun titles we have gotten from them. Today I want to tell you about some of their books that will keep your kids from whining they’re bored this summer.

Entertained with Duct Tape

Duct Tape Engineer

    Lance Akiyama has taken creating with Duct Tape to the next level. In his new book Duct Tape Engineer The Book of Bigger, Better, and Epic Duct Tape Projects he walks you through creating fourteen fantastic things with none other than duct tape! You and your kids can make a bridge, a backpack, even a queen sized bed, with just duct tape! Seriously, how cool is that? My family swears by duct tape. As a matter of fact, when something breaks, we duct it first, so this book was perfect for my son. 

Rubber Band Engineer

    Another awesome book by Lance is Rubber Band Engineer. In this book Lance teaches us how to build things out of rubber bands. You can build a slingshot powered rocket, catapults, rubber band rifles and more. My son and husband love this book too. The only problem is, you may be finding rubber bands all over your house. ;)

entertained with Rubber bands

Star Wars: Build a Scene

 For the geeks in the family, how about Star Wars: Build a Scene? This is more than just a book. The kit comes with an illustrated book, fourteen sheets with punch out pieces, and even push button LED lights. You and your geeklings can recreate the scene from Mustafar where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader battle it out. Remember the scene from The Force Awakens where Kylo Ren and Rey have a lightsaber fight in the snowy forest of the Starkiller Base? You can make that too. Lastly, (but not least) you can make the trench batter on the Death Star too.

entertained with star wars

More Summer Fun

    Stick Sketch School an Animal Artventure by Billy Attinger and Rachel Kockackis is tons of fun. They take you on an “artventure” around the world and show you how to create tons of animals using stick sketching. Grids are provided and they teach you how to draw the animals, create the expressions, and even how to add movement. My son and I are having a blast with this book, and I have been incorporating some of it into my journaling. It’s seriously so much fun!

entertained with stick sketch

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