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He Never Came Home – Stories on Life without Dad

    Life without a dad isn’t easy on anyone. Whether he’s taken from our lives, can’t be part of our lives, or he chooses not to, it’s not an easy road to walk alone. With this new book, you won’t feel so alone.

He Never Came Home 

    In this new book edited by Regina R. Robertson, you will read various stories, interviews, and essays. All of which have been penned by daughters regarding life without their fathers. These women have come forward to share their lives without judgement or recourse, in hopes that others can benefit from their pain, and even their healing. 

He Never Came Home

Life Without Dad

     According to the US Census Bureau, twenty-four million children under the age of eighteen, live without their biological father at home. That’s a lot of kids. 

My story

    I’m adopted. Upon getting to know friends growing up, it wasn’t something I readily told people. Back then I was ashamed that my bio dad chose life without my sister and I. However, as I grew older, my outlook changed. I began to realize that it wasn’t something to hide.

    You see, we WERE chosen. When my mother starting dating John (they knew each other as teens,) I was just a baby, and my sister was four. When he proposed to our mother, he didn’t just ask for her hand in marriage. He asked to adopt my sister and I.

He is my dad, my hero

He is my hero. (He’s pictured here when my son was born. Liam took my dad’s name for his middle in honor of his love.)

    Being that bio dad couldn’t have cared less, he quickly signed off. When I was fifteen months of age, and my sister was four and a half, we legally became his daughters. I know tell anyone that will listen our amazing story because to me, there’s something to be said for the man who stands up. The man who CHOOSES to love a child.

Our Story

    However, my sister on the other hand, had resentment against bio dad. Though she love dad fully, she has felt the sting of rejection. (Something I never felt because I was too young to know any better.) She remembers waiting in the window seat, and watching for bio dad to come see her. Only to find he would never come back. For this reason, I gave her He Never Came Home.

He never came home book

    She read the book and said it was very cathartic for her. That made me feel amazing. I have always felt a bit guilty because to me, there was no love lost with our bio dad. Yet for her, it was so much more, and for that I felt terrible. By giving her this book she said I helped close a wound for her, and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

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