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Instantly Relieve Anxiety With the Use of Magnets

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

Life is hectic. We all lead busy lives which gives many of us anxiety. What if I told you that you could instantly relieve it, with the use of magnets? You may be skeptical, but trust me, Mantra Magnets is the real deal!

Instantly Relieve Anxiety With the Use of Magnets

Mantra Magnets has created a way to relieve anxiety without drugs or chemicals. Simply attach the Mantra Magnets to your ear lobes and let them work their magic. Their patent pending technology use vibrations to put a stop to panic. Not only do they really work, but look cool too!

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Mantra Magnets Can Even Reduce Pain

I've been hearing about using magnets on physical pain for years. Scientists like Albert Roy Davis, Ph.D. have been using biomagnets and magnet therapy to help individuals with physical pain for years.

So How Do They Work?

It's simple really. Just take the motor of you Mantra Magnets, and install the batteries. Screw it shut until you feel it begin to vibrate. Next, place the calming clip behind your ear lobe, and attach your magnet. Voila. Calming vibrations right on your ear lobes. Use them a few minutes before an important meeting, or anything that makes you nervous. For me, its social events. So I've been using mine before I have to be “peopley.” They have been reducing my stress and social interactions aren't as painful for me.

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The Science

The vibrations on the ear are said to reset the amygdala, otherwise known as the fear center. This stimulates a parasympathetic response that brings the targeted neural circuits out of a hyperactive, or aroused state. This is what leads to calming you down. Because of this, Mantra Magnets are also an amazing meditation tool.

Get Yours

When you order your Mantra Magnets, they come with clear gemstones. They're very pretty. You can even wear them when you're not wearing the magnet motor. You can also purchase light green gemstones to go with your Mantra Magnets. That way you can change it up a bit.

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To get yours, click here. You can also follow them via Facebook.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.