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How Early Is ‘Too Early’ To Put The Christmas Tree Up?

Christmas is a magical time filled with holiday cheer, gift-giving, and most importantly, family!

And the best part of the holiday season is decorating your home with ornaments, lights, and of course the Christmas tree!

But every year, are you wondering when should the Christmas tree go up?

How Early Is 'Too Early' To Put The Christmas Tree Up?

Thankfully, this fun and informative article is here to guide you through all the important questions!

History of the Christmas Tree

First, we must start off by knowing the exact origins of the Christmas trees.

For example, how did it start and how has it evolved? Well for starters, Christmas trees were used before the establishment of Christianity.

In fact, ancient civilizations would place pine branches over any open cracks, such as doors or windows. You may be thinking that they did this to keep their homes warm.

However, the real reason was that they believed it would keep away evil spirits. 

Many of these practices were done in the Northern regions where the winter solstice fell on December 22.

Over time, this practice was passed down to newer generations. However, the meaning of this practice and look changed drastically. 

For example, Germany was the first to bring in the whole tree as opposed to just the branches.

They also began to decorate the trees with common household items! For example, they would use apples, flowers, and other foods.

And because there was no electricity, they would illuminate the tree with a wax candle so it can be properly seen at night.

Now after many years, the Christmas tree is a sign of birth, love, and happiness!

When Should the Christmas Tree Go up?

So now that you know a brief history of the Christmas tree, you can better decide the best time to put it up. However, there are other factors that you should acknowledge as well.

Religious Beliefs

If you follow Christianity then the best time to put up your Christmas tree is during Advent. If you're not familiar, Advent refers to the coming of Jesus Christ.

Advent is also a symbol for preparation which makes sense because people prepare for Christmas.

However, we all prefer it in different ways. Nevertheless, if you're a Christian, consider putting up your tree on the fourth Sunday prior to Christmas day. 

Traditional Hallmarks  

On the day of Thanksgiving, many families are ready to jump into the Christmas spirit – and it's only right because Black Friday is the next day.

Therefore, many families make a tradition to eat, hang up the Christmas tree, and then go shopping for their loved ones.

If you're into making traditions then Thanksgiving day is the perfect time for Christmas celebrations!

How Early Is 'Too Early' To Put The Christmas Tree Up?

Right After Halloween 

The beginning of November is all about family, love, and food! It's also the time of colder weather.

For many people, the beginning of winter brings on feelings of excitement and Christmas cheer. 

If you're one of these folks, the first of November could be a great time for you to hang up your Christmas tree. Or you can start buying Christmas decorations so you can be ahead of the curve!

12 Days before Christmas

December 13th is exactly 12 days before Christmas! Many families like to hang up their Christmas tree because it celebrates the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the Wise Men.

Many Christmas celebrations take place on this day as well. So, if you're also wondering when the best time to throw a Christmas party is, then consider this day!

Other Factors to Consider

So you've learned about four possible times to put off your Christmas tree. But which ones are too early or too late? Keep reading to find out!

Mixing Different Holidays Together 

As we mentioned earlier you can hang up a Christmas tree the day after Halloween. However, if you like having your home decor and ambiance align with the season this may be too early for you.

For example, many families like to decorate their homes with fall decor during the months of November. But if you add in a Christmas Tree, your home decor may look a bit off! 

However, if you like skipping the fall aesthetic and prefer going straight into Christmas cheer, then this time is great for you!

Are You Buying a Real Tree?

If you're cutting down or buying a real tree, then the timing will be very important. Most real Christmas trees can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Therefore, anytime before December may be too early for you. 

The last thing you want is a dead tree during the most important month! However, if you plan on buying a fake tree, then you can start decorating a lot earlier!

Will You Be Traveling During the Holidays?

If you're traveling during the holidays then consider putting up your Christmas tree on December 1st or even earlier.

In fact, it's highly encouraged to begin your holiday shopping and decorating if you plan on traveling more than three times during December.

How Early Is 'Too Early' To Put The Christmas Tree Up?

Because the last thing you want is to miss out on decorating the tree because you were too busy and didn't prepare!

A Good Rule of Thumb for the Christmas Tree

We can all agree that Christmas goes by too fast! So don't be afraid to start decorating early.

Overall, “too early” really depends on the above factors and your personal lifestyle. However, we can all agree that any time before or during  Halloween is a bit excessive.

A good rule of thumb is to begin buying decorations early but start decorating after Halloween!

The Best Christmas Ever

Now that you've read our guide for the best time to put up a Christmas tree, you can start the holidays off right!

Remember to shop early and decorate on time so you can relax and enjoy the holiday fun! 

If you enjoyed this cheerful article, check out the rest of our website for the latest news!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.