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How Can You Set the Ambiance at Your Restaurant?

Anyone who’s opening or renovating a restaurant will have to determine what type of décor they want in the dining area.

There are many things that you’ll have to think about when you’re making these decisions.

How Can You Set the Ambiance at Your Restaurant

While the dining room might be your main focus, you’ll have to remember that tying in the lobby, bathrooms, and other public areas of the restaurant is important. 

Many restaurant owners want their customers to have an immersive experience from the moment they walk into the door.

This helps to improve the customer experience and can often mean having better online ratings for the restaurant. 

What Type of Energy Do You Want for Your Restaurant?

One thing that many patrons of restaurants remark on is the ambiance of the restaurant. This sets the tone for their visit to your establishment.

Because of this, one of the first decisions you have to make is what type of feeling you want guests to have when they walk in. 

It may behoove you to remember your restaurant’s mission statement and the public image that you want.

Once you know the overall theme, choosing the décor might be a bit easier. 

For example, a romantic restaurant may need to have a more elegant décor that encourages couples to enjoy their meal.

A restaurant that’s geared toward families will need décor that’s fun and edgy. A seafood restaurant may choose to have a nautical theme.

What Type of Furniture Will You Use?

In the dining room, you’ll have to decide on what type of furniture you want. Ask yourself these questions to get started:

  • Will you use booths, tables, or a combination of both? 
  • Do you want solid seating or padded seating? 
  • What types of tables do you want?

One thing to remember is that you can customize the tables in your dining room. Restaurant tables come in a variety of heights.

Taller tables can work with bar stools, while shorter tables are ideal for standard chairs.

They are also ideal for a wheelchair-friendly eating area. 

Restaurant tables are available in one solid unit, but you can also find a base and top sets.

Choosing a base and a top combination can mean that you have a unique table for your restaurant. 

What Type of Décor Do You Want for the Dining Area?

Once you have the furniture for the dining area picked out, you can start looking at the other décor. Some items for you to consider include:

  • Tabletop items like salt and pepper shakers
  • Prints for the walls
  • Lighting options, including sconces
  • Items for the server area
  • Accent pieces for around the restaurant

For some restaurateurs, seeing how things come together is the best option.

Use 3D mockups of the dining area or virtual programs that enable you to take a peek into the dining room.

You may find that this gives you peace of mind with your decorating decisions so you don’t have to worry about wasting time or money on things that won’t work for your restaurant in the long run. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.