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Holiday Treats for Gluten Intolerant Pooches

Just like their human counterparts, some dogs are can't have Gluten. But they shouldn't' have to miss out because of it. Let's check out some holiday treats for gluten intolerant pooches. They will love them!

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Holiday Treats for Gluten Intolerant Pooches

My fur brother Benny happens to be Gluten intolerant. His foods and treats have to be gluten-free or his skin gets red and itchy. Poor baby! He won't be missing out this Christmas though. That's because “sissy” got him some Grain and Gluten Free Gingerbread Biscuits from Portland Pet Food Company.

They're grain and gluten-free because the makers used Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour. That's right, they use chick pea flour which means these treats are safe for those little pooches with food allergies. The Portland Pet Food Company flavors them with ginger and cloves, and then twice bakes them so they're easy to chew. They're even shaped like teeny tiny Gingerbread men and women!

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They Have More!

Portland Pet Food Company knows that our diet challenged pets need some choices! Their Grain and Gluten Free treats come also in Bacon and Pumpkin. You can also get them some grain and gluten-free Bacon Brew Biscuits. These are made with lentils and chestnuts that come from a local Portland Brewery!

Gluten Free Meals

Portland Pet Food Company also makes gluten and grain free foods too. Their Hopkin's Pork N' Potato Homestyle Meal comes in a pouch and is ready to serve your pooch. Made from 100% USDA certified meat, even humans could eat this food.

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What We Think

While my girls aren't limited to a Gluten Free diet, I like to have them taste test foods and treats before we gift them to their fur family. They give the Gingerbread treats four paws up! As I write this, they're still whining for more! I love that they use ingredients that we as owners could actually consume. I've quit buying foods and treats filled with junk for my fur babies. Heck, I even make a lot of their treats because I want to know exactly what I'm feeding them. Thanks to Portland Pet Food Company, I don't have to bake as much, and I know they're still eating healthy.

For more info and start shopping, click here. Follow them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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