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Being Confident in Yourself

Sometimes we try to be someone that we are not. We all want to fit in. No one wants to feel left out. As we go through life, we face many challenges that cause us to look deeper into who we are. Those challenges help us to grow confident in making smarter decisions in life. Confidence can be a hard thing to learn. It requires us to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. Having self-confident helps us to deal with a diverse group of people and have better conflict resolutions. Priela, is a book that shows the importance of being confident to help you reach your fullest potential.

The Role of Being Confident

In the book, Priela, by Jocelyn Karney, we learn of a young girl that faces many obstacles within herself and with others. She has a hard time fitting in at school and at home. She has conflicts with her teacher, Mrs. Wilson, a muse named Clio, her parents, and herself. Priela learns that she is a Muse. Priela must then make the decision to continue at her current school or switch to the Muse Institute of Learning. Even when she switches schools, she still struggles with her confidence and getting along with her peers. As the book goes along, we get to experience the many adventures that help Priela learn more about herself. Priela wants to use her gifts in ways that she should not. Priela wants to help her friends as much as possible. She struggles with doing what is right vs. what she thinks is right to do.

Being Confident

This book was hard to put down. All age groups can identify with Priela. There are many great lessons in this book including learning about money literacy, power struggles, confidence, and learning how to deal with people that are very different from you. We all have a purpose in life. It is a matter of finding our purpose. Priela inspires you to reflect upon your own skills and talents. Do you struggle with self-confidence? What steps do you take in becoming more confident in yourself?

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Jocelyn Bly Karney

Wednesday 6th of December 2017

What a beautiful review of my book! Thank you, Kelly, for taking the time and energy to put this together.

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