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Help Cats All Over Get The Health They Deserve #ClubMeowMix

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meow Mix®. All opinions are 100% mine.

How does it make you feel when you see a precious little cat staring at you with those beautiful eyes filled with love. It’s like it’s impossible to fight the urge to make eye contact with them. Having a cat in the family can make even your children happy. I have a beautiful cat named Hannah and an adorable cat named Lilly. Hannah is the elder of the two, but she is so graceful. I love having them around, even though Lilly gets into everything. Lilly is the newest edition to the family, my daughter practically begged me to get her, I just couldn’t say no! We make sure that Hannah and Lilly have everything they need every day from food to toys. Although, what would you consider the best food for your cats?

Sam’s Club Exclusive Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care

Help Cats All Over Get The Health They Deserve #ClubMeowMix

Do You want to make sure that your feline friends are getting the best of their food right? I recently found out that Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care is the choice your cat needs. Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care is a unique dry cat food formulated to help support your cat’s heart health and oral care. Hannah and Lilly love the taste of their new food. Sometimes one sneaks to the others bowl for a little extra. Hannah is a bit overweight, so it’s important that we maintain her health. Not only that but we also want their teeth to stay perfect and healthy too! It’s incredible how quickly they’ve taken a liking to this cat food.


Help Cats All Over Get The Health They Deserve #ClubMeowMix

Did someone say, Meow Mix?


This amazing food is a mixture of red heart and green leaf kibble with a combination of several different flavors. These irresistible flavors include none other than

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Salmon
  • Ocean Fish

Besides the indulging flavor, your cat is guaranteed to love, Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care also serves as a healthy meal selection. The specifications on Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care feature:

  • Sam’s Club Exclusive Formula Mix
  • Low Price of $14.98 for 24lb bag
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for kittens and adult maintenance
  • Taurine helps support heart health
  • Crunch kibble helps scrape away plaque
  • Calcium & Vitamin D help support strong teeth & bones
  • Antioxidant-rich & fortified with 23 vitamins & minerals

Save. Give. Love.

Help Cats All Over Get The Health They Deserve #ClubMeowMix

What if I told you that you have a chance to bless another cat with the same incredible food your cat is going to enjoy as well. Sam’s Club’s donation program Save.Give.Love. is here to make a difference with the help of your purchases. So it’s time to help other cats out there while we keep out cats healthy at the same time. For less than a drink from the gas station, I can feed my cat and a cat in need.  For every bag of Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care cat food purchased, Meow Mix will donate a serving of food to a shelter cat in need ($.49 per serving). Altogether, Meow Mix® will donate up to 2,000 cups of food over 8 weeks. So visit your local Sam’s Club and purchase you a bag of Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care cat food. By doing that alone, you’ll do your part in helping feed cats in need. 

Spread The Word

Help Cats All Over Get The Health They Deserve #ClubMeowMix

 More Please!

  If you want to be apart of the movement, then let everyone know about Save. Give. Love. Share your photos using the hashtag #ClubMeowMix, and you might even see you cat featured on!

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