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Create Easter Baskets with Kmart and PEEPS®

What will be in your Easter Basket this year?
Kmart and Peeps- Easter Basket

Knowing Americans spend an estimated $16.4 billion on multicolored plastic eggs, chocolate bunnies, PEEPS® marshmallows and other Easter must-haves (US News & World Report), Kmart is helping its members and customers save on their favorite holiday essentials. Plus, putting together a brag-worthy basket for each of your loved ones has never been easier with Kmart’s step-by-step guide to creating a customized basket – for kids, friends, significant others and even your pets!

Thanks to the Kmart ‘My PEEPS®’ generator, users can create their very own virtual marshmallow PEEPS® pack by customizing shapes and colors, and adding the faces of their closest ‘peeps!’ Visit to get started and say ‘Happy Easter’ to your flock. Be sure to share your PEEPS® pack on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #MyPeeps.

For those looking for a fresh take on an Easter classic, Kmart breaks down the steps to create brag-worthy baskets filled with great deals.

How to Make an Epic Easter Basket in Six Hops

1) Choose your basket: Go traditional and choose a colorful Easter-inspired basket, or get creative with a bowl, bucket, vase or handbag, depending on who you’re gifting. 

2) Grow your basket: Lay the foundation of your basket with candy, paper or iridescent grass, like Kmart’s Easter Jubilee Iridescent Grass in lime, orchid, blue, pink or clear on sale for $1.79 (regular price $1.99). 

3) Sweeten your basket: The best part of any Easter basket is the candy haul! Look for deals on favorites including:

*prices vary depending on location

4) ‘Eggify’ your basket: Stock up on Kmart’s Easter Jubilee Mixed Easter Eggs – Bright Color, 30 count, on sale for $3.59 (regular price $3.99) and fill them with small chocolates, jelly beans, small toys or even jewelry. Then hide the eggs within the grass planted in Step 2.

5) Customize your basket: Make your basket one-of-a-kind by choosing a special gift for each special someone:

My favorite part of Easter is making the baskets for the kids! They are getting older but kids will always love CANDY! This year I’m putting together candy baskets with a little help from KMART.  They have everything I need from baskets,  paper grass, cards, candy, and fun stuff to put in the basket for my tweens!

For us parents who still need to do this then KMART and PEEPS is waiting for us patiently to get our Easter goodies online or the store.  Kmart has Peeps, Cadbury, and Lindt…all the cool Easter brands. 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.