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Halloween Decorations That Won’t Break The Bank

Halloween Decorations That Won't Break The Bank

Double, double, toil and trouble! Halloween is fast-approaching and I am so incredibly excited for it.

Of course, I don’t want to actually cause any toil and trouble, but I’ve been finding great ways to decorate my home while keeping up with the Halloween spirit. I like to do it with good taste but yet, lots of fun. It’s so important for me to keep things within the theme and not break the bank.

Here are some ways I like to keep my home looking spooky and just right for the celebrations:

Pumpkins Everywhere!
In the Fall, pumpkins can be readily available at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. I love picking up different sizes and putting some outside on our porch. I tend to use smaller ones as centerpieces for our dining table and even as subtle décor on our mantle. Sometimes, we paint them to stick with a color theme or to simply skip out on difficult carving patterns.

Cobwebs Make It Eerie
One way I keep things looking eerie is by placing fake cobwebs (which could be easily purchased at any craft or department store) around the house. I place it on appliances and decorations that people see on a regular basis: the corner of a floating shelf, on vases, frames, etc. I also add to it some plastic spiders and creepy bugs to make it more obvious to the theme (and so that people don’t mistake it for actual cobweb, having them think I’m a mess!).


Halloween Decorations That Won't Break The BankPrintables

There’s a reason I’m hooked on printables: they’re low-priced (a lot of the time actually, they’re pro-bono!), convenient and oh-so creative! For the season, I like to print out Halloween-themed images and temporarily replace the framed photos I have in my rooms to keep up with my creepy décor. Hint: it’s fun to print out creepy-looking “old” portraits to give your home that “Halloween-haunted” feel. Don’t forget to add your touch of fake cobwebs!

Now that my children are older, I can keep candles around the house without worrying about the danger factor. When decorated properly, candles can help elevate your home’s Halloween theme. For instance, I like to make DIY candle holders that are Halloween-and-budget-friendly. For instance, I once painted some aluminum cans black and orange, punched a few holes in them, and put a smaller candle inside for some spooky “illumination.”

Candies And Desserts
In our family, our sugar-level goes even higher during this time of the year. To save a buck or two, I make a lot of our treats at home and present them within our Halloween décor. There’s nothing like some candied popcorn in a plastic Jack-o-Lantern bucket that screams out “Halloween fun.”

What are some ways you decorate your home for this time of the year? How do you save money on Halloween props and decorations? Tell me all about it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.