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Easy Project: Print and Frame- Free Halloween Printables


Well, okay almost!  We are trying to give our readers a HEAD START on decorating.  So we made three FREE printables for you to print and frame.  Super easy, huh!  We made three different pictures so you can print all three (WOOHOO) or print out what you want. Also, we would love if you could share with your family and friends.  Maybe they need a simple Halloween decor too!  Sharing is caring!

 Click on the picture to print:

When Witches....

Click on the picture to print: 

Eat Drink and be Scary

Click on the picture to print:

This Wicked Witch

So why not get a headstart on Halloween decorating!

We at KTOT are all for helping.  Let us know if you want more printables and what would you like!  We can do checklists, to-do lists, decor prints, or whatever you think you might need.  Let us know in comments and we will make it happen!

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