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Great Gift for Tech Lovers – Block Harmful Blue Light from Your iPhone and iPad with EyeJust

Everyone is always concerned about tech health — and we should be. We are all spending 8 hours a day staring at screens off and on. Think about it — it’s a little ridiculous, but certain technology is so necessary this day and age. While we are all hard wired to our phones and computers for hours each day, unfortunately, are devices are harming our bodies. What people typically don’t realize is that staring at screens all day is slowly damaging our eyes, skin and sleep patterns. This year make sure to add EyeJust to your gift list and do your friends and loved ones a huge favor.

Banish the Blues This Holiday with EyeJust

Great Gift for Tech Lovers – Block Harmful Blue Light from Your iPhone and iPad with EyeJust 1

EyeJust protects your eyes, skin and sleep from harmful blue light while protecting your phone screen and tablet, too. It is a blue light blocking screen protector to help you stay protected and connected. Available for iPhones and iPads and to purchase at for $24.95, this multitasking product will help to protect your health with safer, smarter tech. EyeJust is a scientifically proven solution to protect your eyes. It’s made with the strongest, optical clarity glass with blue light blocking technology.

For most people, it’s absolutely necessary to stay connected for work, school, social life, etc. May as well use a product such as EyeJust to keep your body parts in the best shape as possible. Block blue light from your device screens and its troubling side effects, including sleep deprivation, eye strain, and premature aging to your skin.

Great Gift for Tech Lovers – Block Harmful Blue Light from Your iPhone and iPad with EyeJust 2

Studies on blue light are emerging, but here is what the scientific community knows about blue light so far:

  • Macular degeneration is on the rise.
  • Children’s eyesight is at risk. The Chinese Government issued a call to action to reduce screen time.
  • Scientists at the University of Toledo issued a study on acceleration of blindness resulting from blue light from digital devices and the sun.
  • Myopia is on the rise.
  • Blue light suppresses the secretion of melatonin.

If this doesn’t make you want to limit your screen time, I don’t know what will. And won’t somebody please think of the children? Children and their eyes are not fully developed. Therefore, the impact of sleep deprivation and eye damage has a detrimental effect on children’s learning and workplace productivity for adults.

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