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Give Kids Something Amazing This Holiday

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I’m sitting here literally blown away by this gift idea. When I first heard of Makey Makey I was intrigued. Then I got one for my son and was showing my husband. We both just saw there in utter awe, and completely speechless. If you’re looking to give your kids something amazing this holiday, then you don’t want to miss this post!

Give Kids Makey Makey

Give Kids Something Amazing This Holiday

In our high tech world, it’s hard to find gifts that will keep kids entertained for more than just a bit. If you want to blow them away, and keep them learning and yearning for more, then Makey Makey is the absolute most wonderful gift.

So what is it?

Well, simply put it’s an invention kit. It’s designed for beginners and experts alike. It comes with what you need to create some amazing things. For example, a banana piano. Yeah, you totally read that right. Or they can create a game controller from a piece of paper. A PIECE OF PAPER! Makey Makey can be used with foam dough, plastic bricks, other fruits, veggies, and even people. The options are endless. Seriously! Toys weren’t this cool when I was a kid!

Makey Makey will work with any software that uses a keyboard or mouse. So you can use your own. Or you can visit their apps page and download apps to use with your Makey Makey creations. Just grab your Makey Makey Classic, plug, clip, and start playing! It’s really that simple.

Makey Makey Classic

STEM learning disguised as fun

As a parent there’s nothing I love more than learning that’s disguised as fun, which is exactly what Makey Makey is. It turn play time into brain time, and kids as well as adults will love it. (We all do in this house!) Makey Makey Classic has won a ton of awards for how amazing it is, and I’m not surprised. I haven’t been this blown away by a gadget or toy in a very long time.

Give Kids Makey Makey this holiday

I kid you not, Makey Makey is out of this world! Your kids are going to want to unwrap one this holiday season. You can get yours HERE. You can follow via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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