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Gift Ideas For Those That Love The Outdoors!

Need gift ideas for the outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) in your life? I’ve got some wonderful suggestions! I have 2 books and a calendar that are geared to people that love the outdoors. The first is a book titled Campfire Stories: Tales from America’s National Parks and the second book is called Explore Europe on Foot. The calendar is The Wild Lines of Jeremy Collins 2019 calendar.

Campfire Stories: Tales from America’s National Parks

First, Campfire Stories: Tales from America’s National Parks is a perfect book for, as the title says, telling stories (and poems) in the outdoors around the campfire. If you’re familiar with any of the national parks featured in this book, it will be extra special. The book features the following parks: Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains, Rocky Mountain, Zion, Yosemite, and Yellowstone National Parks.  But, the stories and poems are fun, even if you’ve never been to any of the parks. The editors, Dave and Ilyssa Kyu, have helped to rekindle (notice the play on words there) the art of storytelling with this beautiful book.

I have been to Yellowstone and Zion National Park, so I gravitated to those collections. I have to say, I chuckled at some of the things written. The stories give you glimpses into the unique cultures of national parks (which can sometimes be quirky and quite entertaining).

There are really not too many things that are nicer than sitting outdoors, around a campfire, relaxing, talking, and telling stories (whether true or not). Such storytelling provides such fun memories for years to come (I still remember stories my dad used to tell me when we would spend summers in the forest, albeit in a cabin).  This book truly would make a nice gift for those who love to go camping and for those who enjoy stories. The book is cloth-bound, gift-quality, and will surely be appreciated! The book is available here on the Mountaineers Books website.

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Explore Europe On Foot: Your Complete Guide To Planning A Cultural Hiking Adventure

The second book, Explore Europe On Foot: Your Complete Guide To Planning A Cultural Hiking Adventure, is written by Cassandra Overby. Now, I’ve never been to Europe. However, after looking at this book, now I want to go to Europe and hike the outdoors. And, this book looks like the perfect accompaniment to such an excursion to the European countries. The book is divided into 4 parts.

  • Dreaming
  • Planning,
  • Packing, and
  • Traveling.

Part 1, “Dreaming,” highlights 15 different walks in various countries, including Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Scotland, Iceland, Morocco, and more. The author provides many recommendations and tips to help make your trek more enjoyable and practical.

Throughout the book, there are also beautiful photographs. She even answers such questions as, “Can I bring my dog?” or “What’s a hopper flight?” There is even a section that gives guidance on how to find a free place to stay! And, preparation for a trip usally always includes checklists, which the author also includes in the back of the book.

Explore Europe On Foot is available to order at the website for Mountaineers Books. I would definitely recommend reading this book. It provides a wealth of information and, for a trip to Europe, it’s best to be prepared, which this book can help you with!

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The Wild Lines Of Jeremy Collins 2019 Calendar

The last item I have is  The Wild Lines of Jeremy Collins 2019 Calendar. This is a 12-month, wall calendar. It contains the hand-drawn artwork of Jeremy Collins, an award-winning artist and climber. His drawings for each month are detailed, rustic, and beautiful in their own right as they feature the outdoors. You can tell that Mr. Collins cares about Mother Earth, and he encourages you to do so also. The months of the calendar contain an “Action Prompt,” encouraging you to learn how you can help Mother Earth, even if it’s simply educating yourself.

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This would make a perfect gift for those in your life that are fond of the outdoors. Everyone can use a calendar! It’s a very nice, high-quality calendar that is artistic and functional. The calendar is available here on the Mountaineers Books website.

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