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How to Protect and Maintain your Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood has been a favorite kind of flooring for centuries. It is rich in texture and color while also offering an incredibly long lifespan when properly cared for. It creates a timeless look that anyone would be envious of in a home. While we can’t install the hardwood flooring for you, we can help to ensure you have all the tools for your floor to last for the years to come.

Hardwood Flooring

Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

There is a lot to take into consideration if you are debating installing hardwood floors in your home. It is not as straightforward as laying the boards and assuming everything will be better, because just like with everything else in life there are benefits and disadvantages for hardwood floors.

Most people find that the pros outweigh the cons, but it is something that every household will have to decide for themselves. After all, every home is unique with their own set of needs and wants.


  • Resale Value: People like hardwood flooring in their homes because of its durability and timeless appeal. This is important to think about if you are thinking about selling your home. The hardwood floors will be a bonus or even a selling point for potential buyers. Your home’s overall value will be much higher thanks to this kind of flooring.
  • Maintenance: Hardwood flooring requires very little maintenance on a day-to-day basis which is another important pro to consider when debating hardwood flooring. It will require the occasional cleaning of course but is not as labor intensive as carpets can be. There is no vacuuming required here.
  • Long-lasting: The material itself is very durable when properly cared for. It can easily last for decades, meaning that the initial investment will be worth it because you will never have to install new flooring again unless you choose to. The lifespan coupled with the fact that hardwood never goes out of style makes it a practical choice.
  • Options: Something that many homeowners overlook is that there is no one single kind of hardwood material. There are options available in a wide range of tints, shades, and grains. There is a perfect option for any home.
Hardwood Flooring


  • Damage: Hardwood is resistant to much of the wear-and-tear that it will come across, but it still has a downfall. This is downfall is water. The wood will warp if there is a pool of water that is stagnant for too long, or even if there is an ongoing leak. A significant flooding might also result in warped wood. Just be sure to clan up any water that spills as soon as you notice it and too fix any leaks that you notice.
  • Initial Investment: Depending on the kind of wood that is being used and whether professionals are being paid to install it, the bill can seem pretty steep. If the floor is well taken care of or if you are looking to sell in the near future the initial investment often gets a return. That being said, it is nice to think to the future but i can be difficult to justify the investment in the present. Each household will have to make its own decision in regards to this.

Protection and Maintenance of Hardwood Floors

The maintenance of hardwood flooring is relatively easy. There are just some key thing to remember as you live your life with them.

  • Protect from Moisture: Moisture and water are the enemies of wood floors because it can warp the material over time. To avoid this effect simply deal with the spill and even floods as quickly as possible. You should also be picky about where the flooring is installed. For instance, never install hardwood flooring in a bathroom. They have higher levels of moisture because of steam from the shower. If flooding is a concern with a basement, you should also consider alternate flooring materials. This is the case in any room that humidity is an issue as well.
  • Avoid Pointy Items: This can be as simple as not walking on hardwood floors in high heels and clipping the nails of pets. They might scratch the wood which will be disappointing for everyone involved.
  • Rugs: If you have a room which gets a lot of use, it might be a good idea to consider area rugs. These will help to protect the flooring while also showing off its timeless aesthetic. They are especially useful under couches and dining room tables.
  • Reseal: If you have moved into a house with hardwood floors, it might be a good idea to investigate the possibility of having them resealed. This will protect the material from damage and keep debris from finding its way into the cracks.


The key when it comes to cleaning hardwood flooring is to remember that less is often more. Sweep the whole floor regularly to remove debris which could potentially scratch the material. If you have this kind of floor, a broom will be your best friend. A dry mop is also a good idea to pick up finer dust that a broom will not catch. Once again it is important to remember that water should not be used to clean the floor because of the damage it can do to the wood. If there is a spot which requires moisture just spot clean it with minimal water and a soft detergent. There is even special hardwood cleaner for these cases.

Hardwood Flooring

Tips and Tricks

There are many tips available out there about how to care for hardwood floors, but the big ones are actually very straightforward:

  • Avoid Water
  • Put protectors on the feet of furniture to avoid scratches
  • Clean regularly
  • Talk to an expert if you need help or advice on any of these issues.


You won’t regret installing a new hardwood floor into your home. They last for a long time and look fantastic. Just make sure that you take care of it properly and then just enjoy it for the years to come.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.