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Get Ready To Read In Awe With Books From National Geographic Kids

Do you need some ideas for your children's birthday gift stash? I have some great book ideas that would be perfect because they're gender neutral and many of them would be a great fit for kids of many ages. You could also purchase them for early Christmas presents.  They're the National Geographic Kids books.

GeographicThese books are wonderful. They're colorful, exciting, fun, and far from boring. So, they're perfect for kids that love to read. And, they're also great for kids that resist reading, because they are really unique and engaging books that cater to a curious child's mind! I, as an adult, even love flipping through them. Read on to see what National Geographic Kids has to offer.

Little Kids First Big Book Of Why 2

First is Little Kids First Big Book Of Why 2 by Jill Esbaum. This book is perfect for children of the ages 4-8 years. It's the second in a series, following the Little Kids First Big Book of Why, which is a best-seller. This book is wonderful for inquisitive little minds that want to know the “why” of everything. It's full of colorful pictures and tons of questions and answers to help little ones understand things of our world. It asks and answers such questions as “Why are bubbles always round?” or “Why is ocean water so salty?” or “Why do I burp?”  This really is a fun book and will keep a child entertained while reading! It's also very fascinating for adults, such as myself! I couldn't even answer many of the questions in this book. This book is available here on the National Geographic Store website as a hardcover for $14.99.

Awesome 8 Epic

The next book is Awesome 8 Epic, by Julie Beer and Michelle Harris. This book is for children of the ages of 8-12 years. It's basically a book of top 8 lists. Top 8 lists of what? Some epic, awesome things!! It includes lists such as “Eight Craziest Caves,” “Eight Eye-popping 3-D-Printed Creations,” and “Eight Wildest Cats.”  The pictures in this book will have kids awestruck and thinking, “How do they find some of these pictures?”  It really makes you think how fun it would be to work for National Geographic. And, it'll have you thinking about how amazing our world can be. This book is available here as a softcover and it retails for $9.20.

Extreme Records

For those kids who are trying to break records and who love to learn about world records, the next book will be a favorite. It'll show readers how extreme things in our world can be. It's called Extreme Records by Julie Beer and Michelle Harris. This one has amazing records such as “Record-breaking Catastrophes,” “The Fastest Person on the Planet,” “The Smallest Primate in the World,” and “The Planet's Deadliest Places.”  It even includes sections like “Fun and Games,” which can test your knowledge and make the book more interactive. This book is for kids of the ages of 9-12 years. You can pre-order this book here as a softcover for $14.99. It ships on 9/28/2018.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 is a favorite of many readers, including my family! This book is jam packed with information that is educational, whimsical, weird, fun, and everything in between. You could sit for a long, long time and just read the wealth of information this book contains. Some of the info is useful, and some not so much. But, it's all fun!  Some examples of information in this almanac include “7 Extreme Facts About Earth,” “12 Ways to Say Friend,” “Awesome Insect Awards,” “Brain Bogglers,” and much, much more. And, on the inner cover of this book, you can find out how you can win $500 cash to “host a Lions Forever party!”  This book is for kids of the ages of 8-12 years. You can pre-order it in softcover here for $14.99 and in hardcover here for $24.99. This book will ship 9/28/2018.

Real or Fake? 3

Another fun book is Real or Fake? 3: Even More Far-out Fibs, Fishy Facts, And Phony Photos To Test For The Truth by Emily Krieger. This book will truly put your mind to the test! This book contains some bizarre “real or fake” tests! For example, did doctors grow an eye on a cheek? Or, did “soaring temperatures set feces aflame?” (Who comes up with this stuff? LOL.) This book also contains lots of “Fun Facts” to amaze the reader even more. This book is for kids of the ages 8-12 years. It's available here in softcover for $7.99.

National Geographic Kids Birthday Cards

The last book I have to present is a little different. It's National Geographic Kids Birthday Cards: Creative Activities, Cool Tips, Amazing Photos, and 30 Cards to Celebrate Special Days. This book is all about birthdays. It contains a bunch of postcard type birthday cards that are perforated for easy removal.  There are also many fun facts and tidbits about birthdays, including how to say “Happy Birthday” in different languages and “The Birth of the Birthday.” It even tells you how birthdays were celebrated in 430 B.C.!  This book is available here for pre-order for $9.99. It's in softcover and is available for shipment on 10/1/2018. Note that all prices listed are subject to change.

You really can't go wrong with any of these National Geographic Kids books. They're all super fun and loaded with goofy, fun, educational, and amazing information that is sure to keep kids entertained! Get educated while having fun reading each and every one of these books!

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