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The Side Winder Is One Wonderful Hack For Your MacBook Charger Cord

Laptops and MacBooks are everywhere. They're a part of everyday life in most people's lives. Along with all of these portable computers comes their charging cables, which can be bulky and cumbersome. This is especially true of the MacBook's charging cord. It's a bulky cord that doesn't bend very easily nor mold easily when you need it to fit in a small area. This is why you'll want to check out a new product called The Side Winder—a MacBook Charger Winder and organizer.

WinderTo start off, I highly recommend you watch the video on the homepage. It's hilarious and very informative. It's also an eye-opener. Watch it, and you'll see what I mean.

Basically, this is a tool to wind up your MacBook Charger cord, which helps to protect it and hopefully prevents damage and needing to buy a new charging cord. How much is a charging cord? The MagSafe 2 cord currently retails for $79 on Apple's website. That's not a cheap cord.

The Side Winder for the MagSafe 2 is currently only $29.99, which is a lot cheaper. I would much rather pay a little now to prevent having to pay a lot later. And, when you think about all the wear and tear kids put on their MacBooks and charging wires as they cram them into their backpacks, then investing in The Side Winder really does make a lot of sense. According to the company, this great tool was the “#1 MacBook Accessory of 2017 that was funded on Kickstarter.”

According to the product's website, “The Side Winder allows you to wind & store your MacBook charger in under 5 seconds. The Side Winder is compatible with the 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W and 87W Chargers.”

winder 2The directions that come with The Side Winder are very clear and easy to follow. I was able to assemble and wind up my charging cord very easily and quickly. And, now, with the charging cord all neatly put away, it looks so much neater. (I absolutely hate when wires are haphazardly going all over the place—it's chaotic and messy for my mind.) Logan (the product's inventor), please come up with The Side Winder for ALL charging cords!!!

The Side Winder is available for MagSafe and USB-C Chargers. Go here to purchase yours. This product would make an excellent back-to-school gift, especially for those students you've sent off to college. You could include this cord winder in a care package, which is something many college students just love receiving. It'd also be a perfect stocking stuffer for high school and grade school students who have a MacBook.

Readers of Kelly's Thoughts on Things can use the following code to get a discount: DISC10NOW. Try it and see for yourself what a great “hack” this product is!

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