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One Easy Way To Avoid Cleavage Creases

Did you know that woman can get cleavage creases? Cleavage creases are caused by the upper breast shifting over the lower breast, creating pressure on the skin. As the skin ages and becomes less elastic, the creases become permanent. It affects women of all ages, shapes and sizes. We probably have all seen cleavage creases before on other women, but just did not realize what it was. If you are anything like me, then you probably want to avoid having cleavage creases. Bravity is an amazing, new revolutionary bra that can help you avoid this problem.

One Easy Way To Avoid Cleavage Creases

Avoiding Cleavage Creases

Created for women by woman, Bravity, is a new revolutionary bra that is comfortable enough to sleep in and it prevents wrinkles that form in the middle of a woman's cleavage. Bravity is an anti-wrinkle, no-cup bra that comfortably separates and supports the breasts while you sleep, stopping the formation of creases and wrinkles in the cleavage area.

Bravity has Y-shaped padded straps that go in between the breasts leaving them exposed to allow the natural lymphatic cleaning process to occur. Made of nylon and spandex so it’s soft and cool to the touch. Each strap has a hook and eye on the upper front of the shoulders to adjust the straps. You can choose from black or tan. Bravity retails for $34 at: and on Amazon.

To best determine the correct size to order, use a measuring tape underneath your breasts to find the band size – no cup size needed. (Size chart: XS – 28 in; S – 32 in; M – 36 in; L – 40 in; XL – 44 in).

Who Can Benefit from Bravity

Those who can benefit from Bravity are:

  • Side sleepers
  • Large and small breasted women
    • Creases have more to do with the type of skin than breast size; a little fat on the cleavage can be a great thing to have!
  • Pregnant women or nursing moms
  • Women who have had breast-related surgeries
    • Implants, cardiac surgeries, etc.
  • Sports bra wearers
    • When Bravity is used in combination with a sports bra; it keeps the breasts separated during your workout, ensuring your cleavage looks as great as the rest of you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.