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Get Ready For An Intense Mystery With “Death In A Mudflat: A Rhe Brewster Mystery”

Do you need a good, cozy (yet intense) mystery? How about “Death In A Mudflat: A Rhe Brewster Mystery,” by N. A. Granger?  This is a recent release (June 1, 2018).

Brewster 1

Please allow me to first introduce the author, N. A. Granger. She is a Professor Emerita at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. She has taught human anatomy and worked as an EMT. As a result, she has quite a bit of knowledge regarding the human body and the medical field, which you can see through reading her book. Her medical knowledge is conveyed throughout her story, which makes it all the more interesting (especially if you love things like C.S.I. – crime scene investigation).

Now, onto the novel, “Death In A Mudflat: A Rhe Brewster Mystery.” This is my first Rhe Brewster novel. And, for a first-time reader of her stories, it was easy to jump in and get to know the characters. In fact, the author facilitates this by starting the novel with a brief introduction to her characters and Pequod, a small town on the coast of Maine and the focal setting of the story. I’ve never seen an author start a book off this way, but I really appreciate it. It makes it a lot easier to start and get into the story because you already know the characters to some degree.

Rhe Brewster And A Mystery To Be Solved

Rhe Brewster is an emergency room nurse and a consultant for the Pequod Police Department. She used to be married to Will, but he was murdered in a prior novel, “Death By Pumpkin.” Now, she works closely with Sam Brewster, who is Will’s brother and a policeman. He is in love with Rhe, and her feelings are mutual.

The story starts off with a wedding and the accompanying fun festivities. However, the fun comes to an abrupt stop, when a father and son are stuck in the mudflat with their car. Upon struggling to get out of the mud, a human arm is soon discovered buried in the mud. Rhe and Sam step in and the mystery begins.

As is true in the real world, the work of C.S.I. is never-ending. The same can be said for the work of Rhe and Sam. Not only do they have a murder on their hands, but a college student was found unresponsive (probably drugs or alcohol, which is what Sam surmised). Pequod is not the quiet and calm town one would hope it to be. In fact, it often seems as if no American town can always be totally immune from the drug crises we all see on the news. And, Pequod is no different. In fact, read on and you’ll soon learn that it can actually have quite a sinister side to it. But, I won’t spoil it for you.

I encourage you to pick up your own copy and find out how the mysteries are solved. This book is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback for $12.00 and in the Kindle version for $3.99. Prices subject to change.

Connect with N. A. Granger: Amazon | Website | Facebook | Twitter


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