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Going Green With Natures Novel Mattress

Do you know we spend a third of our life sleeping? We should be buying our mattress like we buy our car and home since it is a big part of our life.  Quality sleep is one of the pillars of great health.  Natures Novel Mattress is a non-toxic, green mattress that has qualities we all should be looking for in a mattress.

When Nature and Science Write a Novel

Going Green With Natures Novel Mattress

Going green where we sleep is not only is an excellent idea but it is always healthy for us.  You want the best sleep you can get, right?  Check out the reasons why we all need a Sweet Zzz’s Natures Novel Mattress.

Green & Non-Toxic

Natures Novel Mattress is made from the highest quality green and non-toxic materials.  The latex, wool, and cotton all come from renewable resources, so that makes the mattress 100% natural.  Let’s not forget the plant-based oils, and water-based glues used instead of harmful chemicals to put the mattress together.  It has been tested and found safe for babies under three plus is Class 1 Okeo-Tex certified which by the way is the highest rating possible for any mattress.

The Natures Novel uses a three-layer construction. 

  • First layer is a one-inch thickness natural wool and cotton cover that covers the mattress from all six sides. The cover is hypoallergenic, healthy, durable, stretchy, and stays dry and temperature neutral.
  • Second layer is the four-inch natural Talalay latex. This layer is responsible for the comfort and support of the mattress.
  • Third layer is seven-inch plant-based HD base foam. This base foam features plant-based oils to give you a healthier sleep.

Natural Cover

Having a cover that cools in the hot weather and warms in the cold is impressive.  The cover is made from natural wool that is antiallergenic, flexible and very durable.  Natural will increase total sleep time, promotes sleep onset and improves sleep efficiency. We all need our sleep so why not get something that works because we are a lot more productive in life when we get a good night rest.  The older I get my rest is essential, so I need a mattress that gives me the support during the night to achieve my goals throughout the day.

Going Green With Natures Novel MattressNatural Talalay Latex

When I lay down for the night, I want my bed to take me away to sweet dreams and mold to my body.  With Natures Novel Mattress the 100% natural Talalay latex molds perfectly to the shape of your body.  It also is a lot more breathable than the Dunlop process.  Talalay latex is made from unharmed rubber trees here in the U.S.  making it completely renewable. In fact, the rubber trees are productive for 25 years and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help to reduce greenhouse gases. See not only helps your health but others too.

Latex is ideal for people with allergies and asthma because it is naturally mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant. Talalay latex is made from pure latex, water, and air.

This mattress is perfect for people who get hot at night (like me -darn hormones) since Talalay cells are 50% larger and do not trap heat.  Having a temperature neutral environment that will not interrupt your sleep.  The cooling and heating process of Talalay creates a purer latex which gives a better pressure relief and longevity.

Plant-Based Oils

In a lot of mattresses, they use chemicals to put the mattress together.  Chemicals in a bed that you spend a lot of your time in is not good for your health.  The Natures Novel Mattress is eco-friendly 50 ILD base foam features plant-based oils and water-based glues.  With this mattress, you will get a more breathable sleep while staying toxic free and healthy.  There are no foul odors that cause allergies, and overall it increases the longevity of the mattress.

Natural Wool Fire Retardant

By law, all mattresses have a fire barrier, but most mattresses use chemicals like fire retardants.  This is the cheaper and easier way to get around the law.  But Natures Novel Mattress has natural wool as a fire retardant.  No question on what mattress I would rather have for my family!

Going Green With Natures Novel Mattress

Lifetime Warranty

On top of the 100-night risk-free trial, the Natures Novel Mattress come with a lifetime warranty. This is a beautiful incentive because most companies prorate their mattress warranty after the 5th or the 10th year.  It shows Sweet Zzz Mattress commitment to the consumers and is proud of their product.

Other Tidbits About Natures Novel Mattress

  • Natures Novel firmness rating is is a 7.5 (10 is the highest) The Firm Support will keep the back and neck aligned while being gentle on the shoulders, back, and hips.
  • 0% APR Financing- Simply choose ‘Pay with Klarna’ at checkout
  • In-home setup costs $149 or set-up and removal for $199.  Shipping is always free.

Your Purchase will Make a Difference

For every mattress sold Sweet Zzz donates to the LA FOOD BANK –  enough to cover the cost of 20 meals.  So you are helping people in need of food.  Can you believe that the food bank addresses hunger by putting food on the table for more than 300,000 people every month? Wow, and that is wonderful in so many ways.

The soft touch of wool cover, the natural mold and reliable support of Talalay latex, engineered by science to bring you blissful mornings and restful nights. For more information about Sweet Zzz’s green, non-toxic latex mattress, please visit:

If you find yourself not sleeping as well as you should, it might be time for a new mattress. Sound sleep is vital to achieving a balanced life.  When you get the sleep that is needed, then your memory is better, focused more, less stressed, happier, and even live longer. Stop the tossing and turning at night, you need a mattress that will put you sleep and support you all night in all the right places.  Plus buying a GREEN mattress is well worth it, you did read above all the reasons why Natures Novel Mattress is the one for you! 

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Ellen Scott

Monday 16th of July 2018

Well, matures novel mattress is really a romantic name. I totally agree tht a mattress is one of the key of sleeping well. What an interesting post! I will try and think about this kind matress.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.