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“Folk Art Fusion” – A Fun, Christmas Gift For The Artsy Ones In Your Life

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I have done some, but not much. Throughout the year, if I see something special that I know someone will love, I try to pick it up and keep it so it’s ready to give at Christmas. It’s a lot easier to do that instead of rushing in December to try to find 15 special things for the people in my life. Well, if you have an artsy-type person in your life, the Quarto Group may have something perfect for you to give as a gift. They currently have one book that’s fun and extra unique and it’s called Folk Art Fusion, by Heather Galler.

Folk Art – Learn From An Expert

Folk Art Fusion is colorful and fun. It provides the reader with an introduction to what folk art is and presents various, vibrant pictures, including eclectic pieces titled “Tree of Life,” “Day of the Dead,” “Girl Holding a Cat,” “Our Lady of Guadalupe,” and many others. The book also teaches one how fun it can be to create folk art, as it presents the reader with information about the following:

  • Materials,
  • Painting Techniques,
  • Color Choices,
  • Drawing & Painting Projects (which include those pieces listed above), and
  • an Inspiration Gallery.

The author writes, “Fork artists often use simple artistic techniques, bright colors, and childlike perspectives to create art as a means of self-expression rather than art that’s ‘correct'” (Galler, 2018, p. 6).  I love that quote. I see so many people avoid art because they’re afraid they’re not going to be good enough. However, this quote helps take the pressure off the artist and helps encourage everyone to be creative and use art as a way to express himself or herself.

The author, Heather Galler, is a folk artist with over 30 years of experience. Her art has been distributed throughout the United States and internationally. You can visit her website at

Folk Art Fusion is available as a hardcover book on the Quarto Knows website. It retails for $14.99 (price subject to change). It would make a beautiful, thoughtful Christmas gift. And, it’s size is small enough that it could fit in a big stocking, so it’d be a perfect stocking stuffer!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.