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Thumb Things Has Adorable Finger Puppets For Halloween—A Wonderful Alternative To Halloween Candy!

Halloween is around the corner. If you’re planning on having a Halloween celebration, party favors are always a fun thing to provide your guests. Kids get excited when they get to take something home from a party. And, I have a really unique idea for a party favor: Halloween finger puppets from Thumb Things. Thumb Things is a company that makes homemade, quality finger puppets.

For Halloween, Thumb Things has the following themed finger puppets: a Jack-O-Lantern, a Scary Ghost, a Mysterious Chupacabra, El Diablo, a Witch, a Friendly Ghost, a Black Kitten, a Spooky Skeleton, and a Vampire Bat. They are so, so cute, with just the right amount of “spookiness” for Halloween! And, they’d make a perfect “treat” for those that want to provide something different from candy and sugar! In fact, with these finger toys, you’re providing something that encourages imaginative play, which, in my opinion, is definitely a healthy alternative!

The finger puppets from Thumb Things are detailed, beautiful, and high quality. And, you can tell that each one is made with care. These unique finger puppets are made by individual artisans. And, they have a HUMONGOUS selection of finger puppets! In fact, they have over 200 to pick from! Some of the other themes they have include Wild Animals, Ocean Life, Beautiful Birds, Children’s Story Book, “Get Well Soon,” and much, much more!

You can feel good about purchasing from Thumb Things, as they are a company that practices Fair Trade principles. You can also go here to check out their “Sustainability Certification and Eco-Friendly Initiatives.” This truly is a company that cares on so many levels.

Finger puppets have been around for years. I think you could consider them a sort of “classic” toy. They can provide tons of fun and children would probably really enjoy collecting them! These puppets would make a perfect item to keep kids’ hands busy (and off of those computers and phones). And, now is the perfect time to buy Thumb Things Finger Puppets because you can pick any 5 and pay only $20 by using the following coupon code: FUN. So check out their selection here. They have something for just about everyone. And, have a happy Halloween!

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