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Fight Stress and Feel Your Best with Stress Killer Drink Mix

Stress is something that we can all relate to — 8 in 10 Americans are afflicted by stress according to a Dec. 2017 Gallup Poll. Therefore, just about everyone can use a stress-fighter to help and support their lives. Stress Killer is the healthiest and most effective stress relief supplement available on the market. It contains 10 super nutrients for focus and calm, and its backed by science.

Stress Killer Drink

We are all busy and stressed, so Stress Killer took Mother Nature’s best weapons against stress and put them in a convenient powder stick pack. Moms, dads, professionals, commuters, students or anyone else who is stressed out can enjoy relief from symptoms of stress and anxiety at any time – at home, in the office, on a work site, in the classroom, on an airplane, or any place you go. Stress Killer is a delicious fizzy, sugar-free powdered drink mix that you can take everywhere. Customers who would love this drink are people who need a boost for work productivity, studying more effectively, soothing their nerves, lowering levels of cortisol and more.

Fight Stress and Feel Your Best with Stress Killer Drink Mix

Stress Killer Ingredients

  • 10 SUPER NUTRIENTS FOR FOCUS AND CALM – including Theanine, Magnesium, Tyrosine, D3, and Methyl B12
    * L-Tyrosine “significantly decreases symptoms” of stress, according to military research
    * L-Theanine “relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness,” according to clinical nutrition findings
    * calming Magnesium
    * anxiety-fighting B Vitamins, which reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress naturally & vitamin C which has been found in studies to have “mood-elevating effects”
    * soothing potassium
  • BRAIN HEALTH PRODUCT OF THE YEAR finalist in the 2017 SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards
  • SUGAR FREE w/ ALL-NATURAL FLAVOR AND COLOR – Only 5 calories / No artificial sweeteners, just organic stevia
  • NON-DROWSY FORMULA for wakeful relaxation + Gluten free
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE – Key actives have clinically-proven benefits for calm, mental performance, and concentration
  • COOL REFRESHING DRINK THAT IS SUGAR-FREE – sweetened with organic stevia and natural flavors with a sweet soothing berry flavor
  • CONVENIENCE – stick pack form that is small and easy to carry with you everywhere. Just open the stick pack, add to 6-10 oz. of water, let it fizz, and enjoy

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