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Expecting the Sunshine


Expecting Sunshine:

A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy

After Loss

Picking up this book was a great eye opening relief for me. Wasn't “Expecting Sunshine” but the great sunshine found me. Reading this book was “A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy After Loss”. Please read this book if you have suffered the loss of a little one.


     Why do we loose our precious little ones? Who are we to direct our anger to? And as a result how are we to expect another sunshine.

     The grief in this book was so over whelming cause it expresses feelings that I felt. When that precious little one lies there you don't know how to feel nor what to feel. The grieving mother isn't really allowed to grieve because of the surrounding family who is still looking up to her for support. This numbness can freeze you in time. “Expecting Sunshine” helped me get to my next step. (


     Reading this story has brought great results in my life. I have learned how to breath again. There are many days when my loss over take me with sadness but I know sunshine is close around. 

     This book was as if I myself was talking sometimes. Things that she said to her husband and others while trying to heal was my exact word. Now I can understand the patience other had for me. Alexis Marie Chute wrote how dealing with grief and allowing herself to heal actually brought her closer to her husband.

Pregnancy after Loss

     Many mothers suffer with the statistics being 1 in 5 miscarriage or 1 in 160having a stillborn. My son was with us four and a half months before he fell asleep with no illness. I wasn't able to conceive after my loss as Alexis Marie Chute was. After reading this book a completeness has come over me.

Expecting Sunshine is more than one woman expressing her experience. Please feel free to reach out ( or and learn more.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.