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Edushape Toys Turn Play into Learning

    When learning is disguised as play, it's more beneficial for kids. I home school my son, and I know first hand how much easier it is to drive a lesson home, when I turn it into play. Edushape Ltd. has toys that will help you with that.

Edushape Turns Play into Learning

    If you're looking fun and engaging toys for your home, or for your classroom, then look no further than Edushape. From puzzles, to Marbulous Marble Runs, musical toys, and more, they have something for everyone.

    Even Physical and Occupational Therapists will find fun ways to work with their clients by using some of Edushape's toys. They have toys for Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor, Auditory Development, Tactile, Visual, and so much more. I remember when Liam was younger and first started with Occupational Therapy. His favorite toy there was Edushape's Magic Brix. He loved the feel of them, and being able to build with them too. 

Snappy Sticks

    Another one of his go to favorites was Snappy Sticks. He thought he was just designing stuff with these primary colored sticks. In all actuality he was working on his motor skills, visual development, hand-eye coordination, and thinking skills. He now has some at home, and still plays with them. Snappy Sticks are perfect for all kids ages one year and up. 

More About Edushape

    Edushape is a family owned and operated business. All of their products meet and/or exceed CE and ASTM Safety Standards. While their main focus is on ages from birth to five years, kids of older ages will play with their toys too. As I said,  my Autistic son Liam is ten, and he still plays with Edushape toys. Even his neurotypical peers play with them when he does. 

Where to buy

    To check out all of the toys that Edushape has to offer, head to their website. After you visit their website, and see their amazing line of toys, stop back here and let us know which ones are your favorite, and which ones you think your kids, or even your clients, would like the best. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram too.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.