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How to Eat Healthy This Spring

Spring is right around the corner, I can’t wait! One thing I have struggled with, when it gets nice, is eating all the bad things. There are so many things I want to eat when the warm weather hits. Ice cream, unlimited grill foods, and sweet tea. I have found that I can say no to those things and find a nice and healthy alternative. Here is how I try to eat healthy in the spring time.

#1. Eat smoothies instead of ice cream

I know that nothing can replace the taste of ice cream. However, something you can do is make a smoothie. Instead of using sugar, you can use maple syrup or honey to give it a sweeter taste. I love smoothies and they are a great replacement for all the ice cream I want to eat in the spring time.

#2. Leave off the bun or make a lettuce wrap

All grill foods are not bad for you, it’s the bread you put it on. You can make hot dogs and hamburgers a little healthier for you by leaving off the buns. I like to put grill foods on a lettuce wrap to make things healthier and tastier, give it a try!

#3. Replace foods with yummy Halos

One of my favorite healthy treats of all time are Halos. Wonderful Halos mandarins are not only delicious, but they are something sweet to grab before you for something bad for you. We buy at least one bag/box of these a week. They’re totally delicious and in season right now.

Do you enjoy delicious treats? Let me know! How do you plan on eating healthy this spring?

P.S. You can also use Halos in your smoothies or as a side treat on grill day! What is your favorite way to enjoy Halos?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.