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Devices That Can Improve Health and Wellbeing

apple watch and fitbit

Technology is beginning to infiltrate every aspect of our lives and, although some of it gets a bad reputation, there are plenty of positive benefits coming forward from the digital age too. Yes, social media can be terrible for your wellbeing but it has also connected the world’s population in a way that was unimaginable just a short time ago. It’s all about finding the right technology and software for you, that can enhance your life and health concerns instead of contributing to their demise.

Every industry you can think of appears to be developing new software and launching new gadgets that can heighten your experience and increase your knowledge, especially when it comes to your health. From yoga to cross fit, meditation to mindfulness, there’s plenty of technology to invest in if you want to take better care of yourself.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure levels should be on everyone’s mind when thinking about general health but especially as you get older. Pressure increases when structural changes and stiffness in the arteries occur which can result in the weakening of blood vessels, blood clots and stroke. Home blood pressure devices have been available for years but there have been some great technological advances. Developments in this area focus on Bluetooth technology that can send readings to a qualified advisor, speeding up the healthcare process and allowing required medical prescriptions to be dealt with sooner.


Hearing aid devices have also benefited from advances in technology and devices are more discreet than ever. Not only used to enhance your hearing, they can also connect wirelessly to your iPad and iPhone and with battery life lasting longer the devices are now even more convenient to use. Companies like Imperial Hearing Tewkesbury work with a number of hearing aid manufacturers and can advise on a device that would work best for you.

Activity Levels

Restricted by a nine to five lifestyle, we’ve become more sedentary than ever before which is seriously taking its toll on our health. Apps and devices have developed numerous ways of monitoring our movements and highlighting when we need to go the extra mile. Fitness apps are incorporated in the Apple iWatch to count steps and calories burnt throughout the day. Many apps allow you to connect with friends and family which can be a great motivational tool too. A little friendly competition is often good, especially when it comes to your health. Its also worth checking out online exercise classes and even 1-1 online fitness coaches who can give you the extra motivation and advice to succeed.

Mental Health

Technology appears to be part of the cause of increased mental health problems around the world but there are many apps available that are actually dedicated to improving your state of mind. Adding apps such as Calm into your daily routine along with a relaxing stroll outdoors can be hugely beneficial.

Whichever way you choose to look after your health, it’s great to take advantage of the products out there. Whilst dedicated hours away from technology and screens are always advised, don’t shy away from technology altogether. Be selective of what you use and how much you use it and engage with software that improves your wellbeing and mindset.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.