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Children Will Love The Book “The Christmas That Almost Never Was”

Children Will Love The Book “The Christmas That Almost Never Was”

When my children were very small, we would read the same old Christmas book to get them to go to sleep.  Unfortunately, kids are now looking for a more interesting story.  Instead of reading the old books, I have found a new twist on an old story.  “The Christmas That Almost Never Was“, by Stanley E. Wiklinksi.  It’s a beautiful story about how Santa’s reindeer may not be able to fly this year.  Will Christmas be called off?  What will Santa do?  I happen to love the author’s new ideas to an old story!  Every child will have a new, favorite book.

Children Will Love The Book "The Christmas That Almost Never Was"

Not only do I love the story of “The Christmas That Almost Never Was”, but I am also in love with the illustrations.  They bring me back to when I was a little child and what I thought Santa should look like.  Sometimes pictures of elves are a little scary, but they did a great job of making them seem warm and inviting.  The reindeer are so pretty and the snow looks so real it makes you feel cold.  Another one of my favorite things about this book is the rhyming.  I’m a sucker for a story that rhymes!  I especially love this verse: Pauline, the Polar bear with petal-blue eyes, Who knew every star that studded the skies, Said, “Santa, we know we jump very high, But we’ve never, ever been able to fly!”.  Are you wondering why there are polar bears in this story?  Read on to find out why!

So, here is a spoiler alert.  If you don’t want to know more, then stop reading right now.  Unfortunately, the poor reindeer get the flu and can’t end up flying Santa’s sled.  Luckily, Santa remembers the polar bears!  All they need to fly is to believe in themselves and some spirit from the crowd.  As they jump and practice, they fall a lot too.  Of course, they do finally figure it out and get to fly Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve night.  They save Christmas!

This sweet, interesting twist is such a great lesson to teach kids.  I certainly don’t mean to tell them that if they believe, then they can fly.  However, they can do so many other things just by knowing that they can!  I believe that is so important for them to learn about.

Give your child the gift of a new story and self-confidence.  Happy Holidays to everyone!

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