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Changing Your Home Environment Changing Your Anxious Mind

Changing Your Home Environment Changing Your Anxious Mind

Anxiety affects a lot of people these days. From stresses at work to concerns over family, financial worries to general everyday life, there are many causes of anxiety and, in many cases, the cause can remain unknown. As well as seeking help and support from friends, family members and, if serious, medical professionals, there are steps you can take towards alleviating your anxiety levels. Changing your home environment can be beneficial. Continue reading to discover our advice relating to this.

Declutter Your Home

We realize that the process of decluttering is a complex one. There are many things that we, as adults, choose to keep because of sentimental value or even the thought that one day, the items will make us a decent profit. However, the reality is that having too much stuff within your home will not allow for a clear mind and can add to your worries. Even a little and often approach can make you feel happier about things. For example, start small and with your living room. Choose five items each day that you can either give away to a neighbor or something that you could sell on to someone else. Of course, you will also stumble upon paperwork that is no longer needed and things which can only either be recycled or go in the trash. The important thing is to keep on top of this and make sure that your home is both functional and fulfilling. Decluttering is not the same as minimalism. 

Create a Sanctuary

When we are in states of heightened anxiety, we often seek somewhere to go that is relaxing and free from distraction. If you have a spare room, you could turn this into a small sanctuary for yourself. Alternatively, make your bedroom that place or an area of your living room. The first thing to consider is the things that make you feel calmer. For some, that can be music; for others, it might be a special cushion and its texture. Have easy access to those things. Meditation can really help at times like this. If you have a meditation CD, it would be worth having that in this space. Furthermore, having water features for indoor spaces can be beneficial. The trickling sound of the water can give you something to focus on in times of need and provide a calming effect for many people. 

Positive Affirmations

Once you have your home looking how you want it to, you will be considering the final extra touches such as ornaments, wall art, and photographs. Positive affirmations are a great addition to any home, but particularly worthwhile for anyone suffering from anxiety. Looking around you and seeing photographs of yourself and loved ones as well as messages reminding you of ways to think more positively can be incredibly useful. There are many readily available on the internet or in shops. However, for a personal touch, you could make your own. Perhaps there is a saying that you use on a regular basis. If so, why not create your own piece of wall art incorporating it? Imagine the satisfaction that would bring you.

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