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Becoming an Addict: Common Risk Factors for Addiction

With millions of people in AA and other similar programs, addiction isn’t a small problem. It’s important to understand risk factors for addiction, so you can keep yourself and your family safe.

Becoming an Addict: Common Risk Factors for Addiction

When you know that you have certain risk factors for addiction, you can monitor your behavior and make sure you are not developing an addiction. Continue reading this article to learn about the risk factors for alcohol and drug abuse addiction.

  1. It’s In The Genes

When you look into helpful programs and learn more, you’ll see many of the people in these programs have a family history of addiction.

Many people think it is a matter of willpower whether you drink or do drugs when you’re addicted. The chemical reaction in your brain says otherwise and can overthrow your willpower easily.

If you have family members that have experienced addiction, this makes it highly likely that you, too, will experience addiction.

  1. Your Environment

Your environment has a lot to do with being at risk for addiction. Children that lack adult supervision and parental involvement are more likely to get addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Peer pressure is real at any age but especially with children and young adults. If your friends are pressuring you to drink and you want to keep from getting addicted, you may need to change your environment.

  1. You Have A Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis is when you have an addictive disorder and another mental health condition. Having a dual diagnosis makes it very easy to fall into addiction.

Your medical condition can increase your risk of addiction, and addiction will increase your risk of a medical disease.

  1. You’ve Used Drugs Or Alcohol At A Young Age

People that have used drugs or alcohol at a young age are likely to become addicted. The younger the use, the worse the addiction can be because of early brain development and other factors.

Young drug or alcohol use can also increase the possibility of mental illness, so understanding what is at risk is important.

  1. Type Of Substance

There are some substances that are more addictive than others, and the more addictive that substance is, the more they set off the receptors in your body that trigger addictive responses.

Even if you just try something once, you might notice that you are immediately addicted. It is true that some people can try a drug or alcohol, and it doesn’t make them get addicted, but that is a chance you’re taking.

Understanding The Risk Factors For Addiction

Now you understand the risk factors for addiction, and you can keep an eye on yourself and others you care about. Catching addiction before it develops can make it easier to deal with.

Do you need more help understanding addiction and other challenges? Our site is full of articles related to health, wellness, and life in general. Browse our site, find a section you think will help you, drop a bookmark, and come back again soon.

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