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Backyard Tips for the Summer

Increasingly more people are choosing to vacation in their own backyards instead of spending a fortune on actual vacations away from home.. You can hire contractors who will provide you with backyard designs with a pool and outdoor kitchen to modify your backyard so that you can use it for barbecues and entertainment. If you decide to turn your own backyard into a ‘staycation’ spot, here are some tips for safety that you should follow:

The Pool

The pool offers a refreshing way of getting relief from the hot sun. However, it also poses a few dangers of its own. You can prepare your pool for swimming season by understanding the most common accidents as well as what causes them.

Moreover, you need to learn about swimming pool safety to prevent them. Here is what you need to know:

  • Injury by improper diving or jumping can cause a person to slip and fall, resulting in mild to serious injuries.
  • Failing to secure the pool properly can result in unsupervised access to the swimming pool. As the owner of the pool, you are supposed to make sure that nobody enters the pool area without permission.
  • Broken pool components can cause circulation entrapment when not covered properly. Old pool lighting and defective pool equipment can also lead to serious injuries or death by electrocution.

If you will not be using the pool at all, you need to cover it up to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside it. However, if you already have mosquitoes in your backyard and compound, it is time to call Mosquito NJ based companies for example. to expand the use of your pool to more of the year, budget to add a pool enclosure, that you can even heat.

Play Sets

Children of all ages can enjoy pool sets. However, if they are weather-worn or damaged, they might end up causing bad accidents.  You can ensure safety by supervising the children as they play or doing the following:

  • Ensure that your play sets do not have any openings between pieces that might trap the head of a child.
  • Place your play sets securely on wood chips or other form of level ground to prevent injuries and cushion the fall of kids.
  • Check for sturdiness regularly by inspecting rusty bolts and checking for wood rot.

Fire Pits

The perfect time to roast marshmallows and have some outside fun is during warm summer nights. However, you should remember that untended fires could get out of control fast. You can do the following to avoid disaster:

  • Adult supervision is necessary whenever the fire pit is in use until it cools off.
  • Extinguish the fire completely using sand.
  • Place the fire pit a safe distance away from your house and low hanging tree branches.
  • You should never leave the fire unattended.
  • Before disposing of the coals away in a metal container, you should let them cool off completely.

Lawn Mowers

During summer and spring, lawn mowers can lead to injuries. To prevent this, you should do the following:

  • Read the manual carefully and follow the operation instructions carefully to learn the controls.
  • You should not allow the children to ride as passengers; keep them away from your backyard while mowing.
  • Never leave the lawn mower running.
  • Do not operate this machinery in an enclosed space where carbon dioxide can accumulate.
  • Pick up toys and rocks from the yard before you start mowing to prevent accidents caused by flying objects.
  • Wear non-slip shoes paired with long pants.
  • Do not unclog or repair a lawn mower while its engine is running.

The summer can be a fun time for you and your family even if you choose to stay at home. Just be sure to take the right safety precautions.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.