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Attention Coffee Drinkers: There’s A Great New, Simple Coffee Maker Without The Machine!

Do you know some coffee drinkers in your life? If so, I have a great gift idea for them for this upcoming Christmas (or really any occasion). It’s the Easy R Home Pour Over Coffee Maker. This is truly a really useful and cool apparatus! I wish I had this when I was in college. Instead, I had to use that coil heater thing that would clip to the cup to heat up the water. Then I’d add instant coffee crystals for my 1 cup of coffee. Not really that fun to make. And, the taste isn’t the same as delicious, freshly-brewed, drip coffee.

Pour Over

Make Your Coffee In 4 Easy Steps

This product is ingenious! You can make a cup of delicious drip coffee within 4 easy steps:

  1. Place medium ground coffee in the reusable filter that comes in the package.
  2. Slowly pour hot water over the ground coffee.
  3. Coffee will drip into the carafe.
  4. Remove filter. And, you are done!

How simple is that? And, you don’t need a machine nor paper coffee filters! So, without having to purchase paper filters, this product can be a money saver.

The Pour Over Coffee Maker comes with the glass coffee maker, one reusable stainless steel filter, one glass lid, and a custom fit cozy pot warmer to help keep your coffee nice and warm! The warmer also provides some cushioning to help protect the glass pitcher.

The carafe is adorable and seems more sturdy than many coffee maker pots. And, it’s the perfect size for when you don’t want to make a larger pot but still want the freshly brewed cup of java.

The Pour Over Coffee Maker is available on Amazon and it currently retails for $26.97 (price subject to change). This is the 14 fl. oz. pot. In the next few months, a 27 fl. oz. pot will be released (so you can enjoy even more coffee in one pot)! So be on the look out. In the meantime, this would make a wonderful, affordable Christmas gift for the coffee drinkers in your life! I think it would also make a wonderful high school graduation or wedding gift!!

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