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Adorable Crafts You Can Make with Your Kids

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Adorable Crafts

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Having fun with your kid does not consist in playing with expensive toys and games. Great parents stimulate their kid’s imagination and help him create new crafts. When you help your children to materialize whatever they are dreaming about, you will be their superhero. You could use these crafting ideas whenever your kid gets bored or on a lazy afternoon.

DIYExperience offers its readers the guidance they need to develop the most extraordinary crafts with their little one. This way, your kid will learn how to cut, fold and tear apart paper. To develop most of these crafts, look around the house and search for items that you no longer use, like lids, ice pop sticks, cooking spray, plastic containers, etc. Once you have all the necessary materials, you can start working.

1.    Pasta Jewelry

Your little girl will be crazy about this craft. Make sure you have pasta, strings, food coloring and rubbing alcohol. First, you have to put the pasta in zip locks with food coloring and rubbing alcohol. You can mix whatever colors you want in different plastic bags. Then, take some pasta and put in the bag. Seal the bags and shake them so that the color sticks to the pasta, being evenly distributed. Let the pasta sit in the bag for at least 15 minutes and let the pasta dry for an hour. Your kid will be thrilled to put the colorful pasta on a string and make an incredible necklace.

2.    Carton Critters

If you have some empty egg cartons, do not throw them away. You can easily turn them into forest-animal finger puppets. Your little one will be happy to paint the animals. Make sure you teach your kid how to cut out carton, cutting a section with two cups and the raised post between them. Then, ask your child to cut out some carton pieces from a cereal box. Those are the ears. Use some glue to stick the ears and let your kid paint whatever animals he likes. Then, you could play together with the puppets, thinking about your little one’s favorite animal story.

3.    Spring Chickens

You have to start by rolling bakeable polymer clay to obtain two balls, one of the chick’s head and one for the body. Then, you should encourage your little one to press a tail and some wings onto the body and use a toothpick to add the details, like feathers. Use a yellow piece of clay to develop the beak and press it onto the head. Next, you should insert glass seed bead eyes. If you have some unused pens lying around the house, you should consider using them. Take the springs and insert the ends into the body and then into the head. Finally, you have to bake the chickens following the instructions on the package.

4.    Cacti

Bring the desert home by developing these incredible cacti that are not just a nice craft but also outstanding decorations. These cacti are likely to survive even without special care or sunlight. Ask your little one to gather some stones from the garden and then help them paint them using different shades of green. Add some colorful flowers on the rocks and then place them in some flower pots. If you want to obtain a cactus with arms, you should use tacky glue to join several rocks. Encourage your child to paint out the needles of the cactus, too.

5.    Sock Clothes

If your kid has several plush puppets, you should teach him or her how to make some appropriate clothes for them. Take some old socks and help your little one cut them and make them into a sweater or a hoodie. For the sweater, you will have to cut off the ankle portion of a sock. Then, you can cut off the toe to make a cap. Your kid will turn into a fashion designer for his stuffed toys.

Encouraging your kid to nurture their talent and let their imagination flow is one of a parent’s greatest achievement. Kids are always curious about the surrounding world, wanting to learn more about nature and how different things are made. Hence, you can guide them and explain some of the phenomena by creating fun crafts together. This way, you will teach your little one a valuable lesson. He will learn to appreciate hand-made toys much more than his expensive toys because he knows how hard it was for him to make them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.