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What You Can Learn from Tiny Home Owners

Tiny Home

The tiny home trend has caused a huge shift in the way people look at their surroundings. It contradicts the idea that we need more space– and more things to fill the space– to be happy. For some, the idea of living on such a small scale is unimaginable. For others, it becomes a life goal.

People are turning everything from shipping containers to the many modern prefab cabins you can buy into their own, mini paradise, and they’re happy to do it. Here are some of the useful things you can learn from tiny homeowners to apply to your home, no matter what the size.

You Have Enough Space

Regardless of if you are in an apartment or an average sized home, you have more space than you think. The problem is optimizing the space to make it as functional as possible. Think outside the box when it comes to organizing your items. The inside of cupboard doors in the kitchen and bathroom are perfect for utensil hooks. The space between the fridge and wall or under the cupboards is perfect for trundle shelving. Ottomans, coffee tables, and end tables that double as storage are perfect for reducing clutter.

Take time to look at how you could rearrange things to make the most of the space you have, and what pieces of furniture you could change or replace to make them more storage-friendly. Use every nook and cranny, install shelves over doorways, and optimize every square inch of your home.

You Have Too Much Stuff

If you’re often left feeling like you don’t have enough space, you probably have too much stuff. Tiny homeowners have perfected the art of minimalism, reducing the number of trivial items in the home and allowing space for necessities and sentimental treasures.

The idea of decluttering can be overwhelming. Remember, it didn’t take a day to acquire all of these things, and it will take longer to reduce the chaos. Take it one step at a time, and reduce the cluttered room by room. There are plenty of decluttering guides online that can assist with this process.

Go Outside More Often

Tiny homeowners know that a home is a place to retreat to for shelter and privacy, not a place to waste away. Owning a tiny home can encourage you to get out more often. Experience the outdoors, spend time in your yard, and attend social events. It is estimated that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors, where the air quality is worse than outside and where we expose ourselves to an onslaught of screen time and stationary living. Treating your home as though there is limited space to do anything beyond the basics of survival will get you moving.

Experiences Over Things

One of the many benefits of tiny living is the reduced costs associated with homeownership. Generally, the house itself costs less to build and maintain, leaving more disposable income after payday. Tiny living is perfect for those with insatiable wanderlust, who want to get out and see the world. Valuing experiences over things ties into getting outside and having too much stuff. How can you downsize your belongings and your bills to be able to do more incredible things? How much of your time and budget is tied up in things that don’t matter?

While tiny homeownership is challenging if you have children, the lifestyle is still attainable. Start changing your housekeeping habits to reflect a minimalist lifestyle, and when it becomes feasible to do so, consider living in a tiny home with a huge personality.

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