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A Book That Teaches Children Confidence

You’ll Love Oskar Can, A Sweet, Simple Book That Teaches Children Confidence

One of the most important traits we want to teach our children is confidence.  To possess the belief in their own abilities is priceless!  As a matter of fact, we all want that for ourselves.  Children start out with it, but the older they get, the more they listen to outsiders.  In order to keep it at the forefront while they’re little, I suggest reading Oskar Can, by Britta Teckentrup.  It’s a sweet, simple book that teaches children confidence by showing them how much Oskar can do.  He’s so proud of himself and hopefully, that will rub off onto them.

We all know how much kids love to show off a new skill to parents and well, anyone willing to watch and listen!  In Oskar Can, he’s doing the same, but he’s showing the reader all of his new skills.  Kids will enjoy watching all of the cool things he can do.  For example, he learns to jump almost as high as his friend Mo, kick a ball high into the sky, sing beautiful songs, and even do yoga!  At the end of the book, he asks the reader what they can do.  This can be fun because you can make this a “read and play” kind of book.  What I mean is, after you’re done reading it, you have them show off what they can do!  I don’t know a child that wouldn’t love to do that.

You'll Love This Sweet, Simple Book That Teaches Confidence

My granddaughter loves reading books and she helped me with this one.  We not only read it, but we also tried to copy Oskar’s skills.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t do certain ones, like skiing and flying, but we still had fun!  Kids really enjoy talking about a book after reading it.  That’s important to me too because I like to make sure they understood the book.  Plus, they can ask any questions that they may have.  You’d be surprised at some of the questions that come up inside of their heads.  If you’re not there to answer them, they may make up their own.

“Oskar Can” would make a great gift for kids this holiday season.  He’s such a sweet, little bird.  Let’s introduce him to your little ones.

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