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Protect Your MacBook Charger With The Side Winder

Protect Your MacBook Charger With The Side Winder – Makes A Great Holiday Gift!

The one thing that annoys me about traveling is taking my laptop and charger.  No matter how I wind up my charger, the cord still hangs out all over the place.  That’s why I’m glad I came across the Side Winder.  This is perfect for MacBook owners.  It’s complete protection for your charger and it’s compact.  What more could you ask for when traveling?  I wish they had one of these for everything I own!

Traveling is stressful enough without adding anything else into the equation.  Even if it’s simply an overnight trip, you still have to take your MacBook and charger.  Instead of wrapping your charging cord around and around, use the Side Winder to make it much easier.  Not only does it make things easier for you, but it also protects your charger.  Think about how the cord hangs out when slipping it into a laptop sleeve.  You could damage the plug or cord itself.  As a matter of fact, the MacBook charger is the number one most replaced MacBook accessory.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wasting money on something unless I have to.

The Side Winder is perfectly sized to fit into a backpack, laptop sleeve, or suitcase.  Heck, it would even fit into a purse (I wouldn’t put it into my purse!).  The winder works by winding the charger onto a wheel (or reel).  As you can see in the pictures, it opens up for easy and complete access.  When you’re ready to use your charger, simply pull one side of the cord and the feed lets it out.  It’s so easy a child could use it!

Protect Your MacBook Charger With The Side Winder

The Side Winder winds your charger in under 5 seconds if you can believe that!  It’s compatible with many different chargers, which you can check on their website.  This is available on Amazon or you can simply click on the links I’ve provided in this post.  Remember, the holidays are coming up and this would make any MacBook user a wonderful, thoughtful gift!  For instance, people like teachers, business travelers, or especially students!  Make someone a happy camper this holiday season and give them the gift of protection.

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Protect Your MacBook Charger With The Side Winder

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