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5 Ways To Use IGTV For Your Personal Brand

Nobody needs an introduction to Instagram but we have to acknowledge the immense influence and rapid growth of this social media platform.

Instagram wasn’t a thing before 2010 and today it is the 2nd biggest network in the work, falling behind only the giant that Facebook is.

The ease and simplicity of Instagram were some of the reasons for it being so popular in the early days. Today, like everything else, Instagram has evolved into a much bigger entity.

With over billions of users, Instagram is the ideal place for brands to promote themselves.

5 Ways To Use IGTV For Your Personal Brand

It is rich with tools that make things easier and one such feature is the Instagram TV (IGTV).

What is IGTV and how to use it?

Instagram TV is a standalone application that belongs to Instagram but is totally different from your regular IG.

Mobile users can upload videos up to 15 minutes long while the desktop version of IGTV has a 60-minute time limit.

To use IGTV, you have to either download the mobile app or visit the desktop website.

IGTV allows Instagram users to upload long-form videos and in recent times, it has become the favorite of many brands for gaining exposure.

Here are 5 ways you can do the same.

  1. Showcase your brand and services
    The length of the videos on IGTV makes them absolutely perfect for detailed videos that aim to introduce your brand and its services to Instagrammers.

Regular Instagram posts are fine for teasers and trailers but if you actually want to provide information to your followers, IGTV is the way to go.

It is also perfect for product launches where you want to get across as many details as you can.

  1. Longer interactions with your audience
    IGTV can be used to host ask-me-anything sessions with or QnA sessions that last long and can not be done through regular posts.

Live sessions are the only alternative but not all times are ideal for live streaming.

You can also send longer messages to your followers through IGTV whenever you feel like it to make them feel like a part of a community where they are welcomed.

  1. Use external links to drive traffic
    If you represent a brand, it is highly likely you are active on various platforms and might have a website or blog of your own. IGTV allows users to include external links which can and should be taken advantage of. All of your videos will direct your existing or new followers towards your websites or other social media profiles.
  2. Provide exclusive content on IGTV
    You can use IGTV to upload content that you usually wouldn’t on your account. It can include blogs, behind-the-scenes, or anything that seems genuine and fun.

People like to see a more humane and relatable side of brands instead of them being robotic marketing machines all the time. It never hurts to show a bit more of your usual self and personality.

  1. Collaborate with influencers
    Speaking of personalities, having an Instagram influencer over in your videos is guaranteed to bring about some waves of changes. It has worked for many brands in past and still continues to do so.

There are thousands of influencers of different niches and scales on Instagram today who are always eager to work with brands. This just makes your job even easier.

IGTV videos like other videos on Instagram are already engagement-friendly but they can be further optimized to get bigger results faster.

Two specific strategies have been found to be the most effective in this endeavor.

Use Hashtags for better reach

Hashtags always turn out to be effective, no matter where you are using them.

5 Ways To Use IGTV For Your Personal Brand

Instagram posts get benefits of using proper hashtags and the same results have been noticed on IGTV videos.

Using 2 to 3 relevant hashtags can make your videos reach your targeted audience which can help you gain a customer base faster.

Buy Instagram views

Paid Instagram promotions are slowly becoming more mainstream but a good portion of users are still not aware of views being available to be bought.

Buying views for your IGTV videos will push them on the platform and bring organic growth as a return on investment.

It is incredibly easy and effective to buy IG views and it will take nothing more than 5 minutes of your day.


Instagram is full of amazing features that help you with one thing or another. IGTV is one of the names on the list of these features.

IGTV gives you complete freedom and you don’t ever have to worry about a video being too long.

All types of videos on Instagram promote engagement and IGTV is no exception. If you want to promote your brand on Instagram, IGTV can help you gain a customer base faster than ever.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.