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5 Essential Things to Pack When Setting off on Your Winter Holiday


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Winter is a busy season for holiday travel, with highly expensive flight tickets, hotel and other expenses. It will take a lot of planning and pre-booking on your part to ensure that your winter holiday prove to be as wonderful as you want like it to be.

If you are going to any of the top winter travel destinations, you can expect to see a pretty big holiday crowd. If you are traveling to fashion-forward destinations in Europe like Paris or London, then you also have to give thought to how you can look effortlessly chic in below freezing temperatures.

One of the biggest problems associated with winter travel is that you will have to pack clothes to keep yourself warm. Bulky sweaters and coats will take up every inch of your suitcase leaving no space for anything else. With baggage rules becoming stricter for international travel, it is necessary that you avoid over-stuffing your bags.

Here are a few tips for you to pack smartly for the winter holiday.

1)Trust Layers

As stated earlier it is not easy to lug around sweaters, coats or jackets when you are jetting across continents. A trick that seasoned travelers use is to pack in double the weight of wooly sweaters in tops and innerwear that can be used as a replacement.

Woolen innerwear is the best that is available. It is expensive but fits beautifully and will help keep you warm.

You can also go for light woolen shirts and dresses that are warm as well as light enough to be layered beneath a jacket. A benefit of woolen outfits is that they are not only warm and comforting to the body, but are light as well. If you end up feeling warm, just remove the jacket and shed a few layers, and you are as cool as you want to be. So learn the art of layering to travel smart.

2)Invest in Innerwear

Innerwear or base layers are your best friend if you want to travel warm and light.

Base layer is the foundation of your wardrobe and you will be wearing them practically all throughout the day and night on your holiday. You can consider underwear, undershirts, socks and basic Tees as base layers. Thinner insulating layers help keep luggage light and will be adequate as well in colder climes.

You can go for shorter or longer base shirts depending on how cold the weather is in your destination. Heavyweight underwear is best suited for extremely cold weather and athletic fit denotes very snug fit, which is suitable in colder conditions. Loose fit is more suitable if you are visiting a moderately cold location.

Wool base layers from Patagonia, Icebreaker, Cotswold Outdoor and Rapha are few options that you can consider. Merino wool is the most popular now and has natural anti-bacterial properties. The base layers can be worn on consecutive days without odor issues.

Synthetic base layers from Under Armor Cold Gear are cheaper but do not perform as well as wool or even silk.

Silk base layers are warm, extremely light and layer well. Silk looks great and is soft and luxurious, but wicks moisture from the skin slower as compared to other fabrics. You will also have to launder after every use to prevent odor buildup and is best suited for moderately cool weather.

3)Choose Good Footwear

It is important that you choose your footwear carefully. Boots are the number one choice for winter travel. A pair of high quality insulated boots will serve you well on a wintry vacation. It will keep your feet dry and warm, matches almost every outfit, is extremely comfortable and suitable for walking, and can be easily removed and slipped back on during airport checks. Ensure you go for slip-on boots rather than the lace-up varieties.

Keep in mind that boots are bulky and take up a lot of space, so wear them while in transit. If you must carry an extra pair of shoes, choose a comfortable pair of sneakers that are also good for light outdoor activities.

4)Be Mindful of Skincare

Winter can be very harsh on your skin, stripping it of natural oils and moisture, and speeding up wrinkle formation. Cabin air dries skin and leaves it dull and lifeless. Ensure you carry rich and nourishing moisturizing lotion in travel-sized pouches to give some TLC to your skin while flying. Moisturizers that contain oils like avocado, jojoba, almond, primrose or coconut are recommended because they help lock in moisture and prevents skin from drying out.

A chapstick is also essential to tend to extra dry areas. A lip balm is necessary to moisturize your lips. Stay hydrated and ensure that you snack on healthy stuff like fresh fruits, or dry fruits and nuts. Remember that it is always recommended to travel with a makeup-free skin, especially if you are on a long-haul flight. This will allow your skin to breathe and stay healthy.

After you get off the flight, gently exfoliate the skin and apply a light moisturizer.

5)Carry a Multipurpose Jacket

Coats and jackets are bulky and you will find it hard to accommodate more than one on a trip.

Invest in a jacket that is warm and comfortable, but not very heavy. Premium fleece jackets are a good option. They are lightweight, warm and durable. North Face, Patagonia and Arc'teryx Fortrez offer great outdoor gear for cold conditions. A highly breathable fleece jacket paired with a hardshell jacket will protect you from cold winds as well. If you’re interested to see temperature ratings of many different brands and models, check out this temperature ratings guide at

If you plan on participating in outdoor activities like hiking or trekking, ensure your jacket has all necessary features like a comfortable hood, neck warmers, thumb loop, pockets and water-resistance.

Winter outdoor gear is expensive. So if you cannot afford the best, then go for the cheapest. Your aim should be to purchase one quality item at a time and very soon you will have a veritable arsenal of winter-proof clothing.

Also, do not forget accessories like scarves, gloves and a hat. Again, you cannot afford to pack them. Bundle them into your jacket and carry them with you on the flight.


Traveling in winter can be fun and enjoyable, provided you plan well in advance. Ensure you give foremost priority to you and your family’s health and pack keeping in mind space constraints. With the right clothing, accessories and skin care products on hand, you will face no problem enjoying a winter vacation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.