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12 Gadgets Your Dad Will Love This Christmas



  1. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker


Making an espresso with a cheap and standard espresso maker can sometimes provide pretty mediocre results. Nespresso has fixed that problem with the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Makers. The Pixies utilize espresso pods and deliver an espresso to you using one of the capsules with a flawless espresso every time. A perfect way to start Dad’s day!

  1.        The Perfect Head Torch

If your dad is a thrill seeker and loves going on adventures, a head torch is a perfect option for Dad this Christmas. Lightweight, durable, and able to achieve a remarkable amount of power, head torches are a great option for Dads who love to travel or camp. There are even rechargeable options available, ensuring that you are never stuck without a light at the end of the tunnel.

  1.       Fitbit Activity Tracker

A fitness wristband is a great addition to any fitness junkie dad’s arsenal. With a Fitbit Activity Tracker, not only will Dad be able to track the number of steps he has taken a day, or the number of calories he has burnt – but he will even be able to monitor his sleep pattern and get reminders to get moving should he not be reaching his daily activity goals. Stay healthy just got so much easier.

  1.         The Coolest Camera For Christmas

Help dad capture special moments with the family in style with the Leica Q camera. Billed as the “compact camera redefined, the Leica Q is equipped with a full-frame sensor and a fixed 28mm focal length – perfect for street and landscape photography. Although on the expensive side, it is a photographer Dad’s dream come true.

  1.     Bluetooth Speakers

One of our favorite Bluetooth speakers is the Bose Soundlink. It is something that is used on a daily basis in my household. The Bose Soundlink plays music with fullness, depth and clarity. It also has a wireless connection to any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. Even better, it provides up to 14 hours of music due to its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

  1.       TrackR StickR

Does your dad misplace his phone, wallet or car keys frequently? Losing things is normal, but this device offers you a great solution. TrackR StickR is a quarter-sized device that can be fastened onto any item, and users are then able to use the companion app to find whatever the device is attached to. Should Dad lose his wallet, all he has to do is simply pull up the app on his smartphone and he can make the StickR beep.

  1.         Polaroid Snap Instant

Who doesn’t like a little blast of retro feel now and again? Bring dad on a journey back to his youth but with a modern tweak. The Snap Instant prints out your photos like a classic Polaroid but doesn’t require any ink, thanks to digital imaging. On top of that, it is sleek and easy to carry around, ensuring that memories can be captured without any bulk or hassle.

  1.     Apple Watch Series 2

If your dad is an Apple fan, he will love the Apple Watch Series 2. Although it looks very much like its predecessor, this new version is waterproof, equipped with GPS, and packs a brighter display that is even visible under direct sunlight.

  1.    Logitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite is possibly one of the best universal remote controls out there today. It can control just about every piece of technology (it supports over 250,000 devices) in every room of your home, including gaming consoles, televisions, sound systems and streaming devices. This one is one that will truly excite Dad this Christmas!

  1.       Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent gift for any dad who is an avid reader. This  E-reader has a sharp display with adjustable lighting, lightweight body with excellent build quality, Wi-Fi connectivity, and battery that can last for weeks on a single charge.

  1.      Logitech Zero Touch

Wouldn’t it be nice for Dad to be able to access information such as maps and to message while driving, without it being a distraction and a safety hazard? Thankfully, the Logitech ZeroTouch gives you a car mount as well as hands-free voice controls that work with most Android phones, so Dad can get the data he needs without having to take his eye off the road.

  1.    Surface Pro 4

Never hear Dad complain or moan about his tablet ever again with the Surface Pro 4. The latest Surface has a fingerprint reader, a new pen, and more capabilities that might make him replace his laptop with this.

There you have it, the perfect list of gadgets that covers almost any Dad’s varied interests this Christmas. Watch your Dad’s eyes light up when he opens your gift this festive season, and we are sure that it is something he will be boasting to his friends about for months to come!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.