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5 Best Things to do in Charleston, SC

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5 Best Things to do in Charleston, SC

There are many cool and fun things to do in Charleston, SC. There are many historical homes in the downtown district of Charleston, as well as a few beaches to stroll along.  The hospitality in Charleston is amazing. The locals are used to others wanting to enjoy their amazing city. Today I’m featuring the 5 best things to do in Charleston, SC. You can enjoy this whether you’re visiting or live here every day. And, if you are going on a couples getaway or honeymoon you can check out Nadia and Mike’s guide to romantic things to do in Charleston SC for more ideas.

Walk to “The Edge of America”

Don’t forget to put a sweater on so that you don’t get chilly while enjoying Folly Beach that’s also known as “The Edge of America”. You can participate in a self-guided tour where you will see the Morris Island Lighthouse. Enjoy local graffiti on the street as you hike near the East Ashley Avenue area. Folly’s Beach is a most certainly one of the best things to do in Charleston, SC.

Charleston Harbor Carolina Belle Scenic Cruise History Tour

Enjoy a little bit of city with a side of history when you opt to go on this scenic cruise history tour. You can park your car, purchase a voucher, and find a seat aboard this ship while waiting for the cruise to being. The scenic cruise history tour also allows you to buy your own drinks board to sip on while you enjoy this tour.

Enjoy a Walking Tour

There are many companies who offer a fun Charleston walking tour where you can take in the historical scenes of Charleston. This city is known as a living museum, as it has so much culture and history to take in. Most of the walking tours last 2 hours and cost about $20 per person. You can get a feel for the history and spirit of this area while on your walking tour.

The Battery

This area is a row of Southern-style mansions that overlook Charleston harbor that was once the heart and soul of the city’s maritime activity. There is much to enjoy when visiting The Battery, such as White Point Gardens where you can view many Civil War relics and memorials. The walking paths will take you all over this historical area in Charleston that offers many picture-perfect spots.

Stand under the massive limbs of the Angel Oak

The largest living oak tree that you’ll probably ever see is just down a dirt road path, but visit during the day as Angel Oak resides in a park that closes down at 5 pm. This Angel Oak is a beautiful sight to see due to the size and age of it. The appearance alone will have your jaw dropped and it makes a wonderful picture taking backdrop.

There you have it, 5 best things to do in Charleston, SC. There are so many fun things to do in this beautiful city that I had a difficult time selecting only five for my list. I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy each of these fun things to do in Charleston when you visit this city.


What Charleston, SC Is Known For?

Charleston, South Carolina is well-defined by its cobblestone roads, pastel-colored antebellum homes, horse-drawn carriage, and colorful cobbled streets, especially in the historic French Quarter and Battery District.

The Battery and French Quarter areas are home to many historic sites, including the original St. Mary’s Cathedral, Old Town, City Point, downtown Charleston, and the historic Montford Village. Fort Sumter is also located nearby, which is a reminder of the Civil War that was threatened by the Union’s effort to take Charleston.

What To See At The Historic Charleston Museum?

The Historic Charleston Museum is housed in historic downtown Charleston. This museum houses a wide variety of historical artifacts, artworks, prints, and furniture. The exhibits are arranged in chronological order–with each year focusing on a specific period in the city’s history.

Some of the exhibits include a collection of photographs of the city during a specific time frame, which is accompanied by articles and poems about Charleston’s history.

What To See At The Historic Montford Village?

The historic Montford Village is another museum in historic downtown Charleston. Here, visitors can find an array of artifacts and memorabilia, including items related to the life of the city’s famous founder, Thomas Jefferson, such as a portrait of Jefferson with his wife.

The village also contains a farmhouse, an old-fashioned saloon, and beautiful gardens. Visitors can learn about the lives of early settlers in Montford Village and learn about the village’s historic significance. A history tour around the area is available for an additional fee.

Where To Stay In Charleston, SC?

Now, it’s time to know where to stay in Charleston, South Carolina. Thankfully, you can find timeshare resort rentals in South Carolina that are affordable and flexible to your accommodation needs. Whether you’re looking for a hotel, lodge, or vacation home rentals, checking timeshare rentals is a good idea to make your hunt easier.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.