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Charleston, SC: Best U.S. City For 6 Years Running

If you’re trying to settle on a vacation spot this year, look no further: Charleston, South Carolina has once again been crowned champion by readers of Travel+Leisure magazine. The southern city was named the number one U.S. city for its sixth year running, and even managed to make it into the World’s Top 15 Cities — the only U.S. city to do so. So, what exactly is it about Charleston that delights travelers everywhere? The answer, like so many things in life, is multifaceted.

A Little Something For Everyone

Nathan Lump, the editor-in-chief at Travel+Leisure, describes the city’s bounding popularity as the result of a storied history combined with fresh, modern life:

“This is a city not content to rest on its laurels as one of the most beautiful and well-preserved historic urban environments in the country. Thanks to a creative local population intent on creating world-class experiences, there is always something new and exciting going on here, from a vibrant cultural scene to innovative food and drink to fresh takes on style and design.”

He’s right. Charleston boasts over 300 years of remarkable history, but seems to offer intrigue for even those who loathe the subject. You can take a scenic carriage tour through its beautiful historic district, experiencing the city at a glance, or you can take any number of tours at its wonderfully preserved buildings — from plantations to forts and more.

If you hate even the idea, you need not worry: Charleston offers up a plethora of other experiences. Take a trip to the South Carolina Aquarium and finish off the day at Pier 101 Restaurant and Bar, located on the famed “Edge of America” Folly Beach.

Whether you’re a beach lover, a history buff, or simply love southern food, Charleston can meet your needs. Book a trip and see why so many people worldwide call Charleston, South Carolina the best city in the United states.

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