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4 Moving Hacks To Make Your Move Easy

Moving can be very time consuming and even overwhelming! You can make your move easy on moving day by following these moving hacks!

4 Moving Hacks To Make Your Move Easy

Are you one of the 16,4 % of people in the US who've finally found their dream home?

Don't let the thought of relocating dampen the excitement of this important occasion. 

Moving needn't become the stress-fest it's known to be.

A little planning and common sense go a long way to ensuring an organized and efficient move. 

Make your move easy with these expert moving hacks. 

1. Moving Tips for Reducing Stress

Planning is key for a low-stress move. Break down everything you need to do into manageable chunks and write it all down on a schedule.

This helps you keep track of what you need to do every day and stay on track with your tasks. You can also find local removalists on sites like Muval, who will be able to help you move your belongings.

If you're moving within the same town, and your new home's empty at the time, you can also start moving some items in advance. 

For example, you can plan your meals for the week before you move and move all the rest of your pantry contents before moving day. 

2. Moving Hacks for a Lighter Load

The more stuff you've got to move, the more time and money you can expect to use during your move. A move is a perfect time to declutter.

Go through all your stuff and set aside those items you hardly use, as well as any broken, or duplicate items.

Make plans to donate or recycle these things long before moving day.

When you declutter, you ensure a fresh start at your new home and also avoid unnecessary stress and costs during your move, especially if you're moving long distance.

3. Dealing With Kids and Pets

Children and pets can contribute immeasurably to the chaos of moving day.

The best way to spare them and yourself from trauma is to send them elsewhere for a play date during your move.

If you can't find a friend or relative to look after your pet, you could board them in the local kennels for the day instead.

It's worth the extra cost knowing they're safely out of the way during your move. 

4. Planning Your Packing Makes Your Move Easy

We all know the drill. You get halfway through packing up a room and run out of packaging supplies.

Plan to avoid this by stocking up well beforehand.

You can also do a dry run by packing one box to get an idea of how many supplies you'll need for each box.

That way, you can ensure you've got enough, plus a little extra, to complete the job. Another convenient option is to rent moving boxes as it can be easier and faster, and the number of boxes you'll be given depends on the number of rooms you're packing.

According to Nashville Master Movers, not all packaging supplies are of equal quality.

Getting your hands on sturdy boxes and buying the best quality tape and fillers helps streamline your packing process and prevents breakages. 

If you don't know how to pack for a move', you can hire a full-service mover and leave it all in their capable hands.

More Tips and Hacks

Making your move easy depends on only one thing – planning.

So take a deep breath and start preparing for your upcoming move right now. 

Whether you're looking for more tips for moving on up the corporate ladder, the best advice on daily matters, or travel tips, I can help.

Keep reading my blog for more about the things that matter to you.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.