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3 Recipes To Help You Cook The Perfect Irish Feast For Your St. Patrick’s Day Camping Trip

If you’ve ever pondered the idea of taking a camping trip to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you’re not alone! March is the perfect time of year to escape into the wilderness and get some natural ‘green’ into your life, and whether you’re staying in a cabin or roughing it in a tent, you should know that it’s easier than you think to prepare an Irish feast and make the most of the beloved upcoming Irish holiday, even using nothing but a campfire. About 43% of campers planned their trips at least one month in advance, which means you still have time to spare if you want to finalize your campground reservations and Irish recipes. Here are just a few creative recipes to consider experimenting with during your St. Patty’s Day camping trip feast!

Breakfast Potatoes

You may think a stove is necessary to get that crispy texture in the potatoes, but when cooked properly, a campfire can do the trick as well. This recipe just requires a few simple ingredients, including cubed Russet potatoes, olive oil, chopped onions and bell peppers, a jalapeno, and a handful of spices such as garlic powder, paprika, seasoned salt, and pepper. If you prefer, you can certainly prepare ahead of time by doing the slicing and dicing at home.

As for tools, you’ll just need a cast iron skillet, foil, tongs, and if you haven’t done the cutting ahead of time, you’ll need a knife and cutting board. And of course, you’ll need the heat from your trusty campfire as well. This recipe is available from Dirty Gourmet.

Classic Corned Beef Hash

Although this recipe shares a similar concept with the first, it’s different because it includes the addition of corned beef. For the purposes of this recipe, you can either get it from the canned meats section of your grocery store, or fresh from the deli. This recipe can also be expedited with some prep work done at home before your trip. Just make sure to store and transport the ingredients properly — according to the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, one in six Americans gets sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages each year, and improper storage can easily cause contamination, especially when any type of meat is involved.

Available at Trek Southwest, this recipe is made to satisfy even those with the heartiest of appetites and keep you going all day long. Feel free to modify it to your and your family’s tastes by adding any herbs or spices you particularly enjoy, such as basil. Of course, keep in mind that basil is very sensitive to low temperatures and may turn dark brown or black within a short time of exposure to temps 32 degrees or lower, so it may need to be stored separately from your other cold and/or pre-prepared ingredients.

Irish Soda Bread

Finally, no St. Patrick’s Day feast would be complete without this classic Irish staple, and this recipe, which uses a Dutch oven, makes the process easier than ever to prepare and cook in no time at all. Provided by Camp Chef, this recipe has seemingly perfected the balance between creating a soda bread with a crunchy crust and soft interior.

Ireland is 32,595 square miles, and it has over 3,000 miles of coastline. Though you may not be able to spend St. Patty’s Day in the Emerald Isle itself, immersing yourself in some ‘green’ with a camping trip and giving these recipes a go is the closest you’ll get to experiencing authentic Irish culture and cuisine.

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