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3 Reasons Why Tucketts Makes The Best Gift for Anyone That Does Pilates, Barre, or Yoga

I think we have at least one person that we know that does barefoot workouts such as Pilates, barre, or yoga. Maybe you have taken one of these classes yourself. If you have or your friend has, then you know it can be hard to find socks that will keep you from slipping and sliding on the floor, especially if you do not want to go without socks. If you do have family or friends that go to Pilates, barre, or yoga classes, then I have the best gift idea for you – Tucketts. Tucketts manufactures the only high-performance grip socks for barefoot workouts that completely retain the barefoot sensations of connection, freedom, and balance, with the added comfort and stability of a grip sock. Their non-slip fitness socks are ideal for all types of barefoot workouts.

3 Reasons Why Tucketts Makes The Best Gift for Anyone That Does Pilates, Barre, or Yoga

Why Tucketts Make A Great Gift


The toeless design of the high-performance, non-slip grip socks allows you to easily make small modifications for a more effective workout. Tucketts would make a great gift because:

  1. They have elastic trim that hugs your feet.
  2. Your toes are free to keep the barefoot sensation.
  3. They have non-slip sole for balance and stability.
  4. The heels are stitched for improved fit.

Tucketts come in five styles of socks: Allegro, Anklet, Ballerina, Knee High, and Leg Warmers. They also have socks for men. Their socks are each colorful with a few solid colors. The other socks are fun, vibrant colors. A pair of Tuckett socks retails for $16.

If you’re ready for a comfortable, reliable, and innovative solution that mimics a barefoot sensation, then check out Tucketts! They will make the perfect stocking stuffers.

More About Tucketts

Tucketts products are made in a sweatshop free factory. Their products are 100% tree free and have a low carbon footprint.

Tucketts also makes a positive impact. They wanted to make sure their business reaches communities beyond yoga, pilates and other fitness studios. Tucketts has partnered with Move This World. This partnership helps to build peace within the individual in order to build peaceful communities. Every pair of Tucketts™ you buy supports their work: ENGAGING THE POWER OF CREATIVITY TO REDUCE FEAR, BUILD TRUST, AND DEVELOP HUMAN POTENTIAL. They have trained 2,000 adults and impacted over 20,000 youth over 4 continents”.

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