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A Special Gift For The Nerd On Your List

A Special Gift For The Nerd On Your List From Muckychris

Muckychris is a shop on Etsy that sells the coolest nerd products around.  I consider myself a nerd-in-training because I love the products, but I don’t know that much about them.  However, the one item that I chose I know plenty about.  I received the “I am Groot” t-shirt and I absolutely love it!  I get tons of compliments and questions about where I bought it.

The Gildan t-shirt is dark brown, of course, which is the color of Groot.  It’s preshrunk for minimal shrinkage and 100% cotton.  I love the feel of it!  It’s soft but very durable and it’s true to size.  I ordered a 2XL and I was so happy that it fit perfectly.  Sometimes ordering clothing online ends up with a bad fit because I’m a big girl.  This wasn’t the case at all.  I’ve never had a Gildan shirt but I’ve heard of the nice quality.  I’m definitely impressed!

A Special Gift For The Nerd On Your List

More Than T-Shirts

The Muckychris Etsy shop has amazing and very cool products!  Just to give you an idea, they have SciFi Buddhas (no, I’m not kidding), Pop Culture Buddhas, Horror Buddhas, SciFi T-shirts, Lightswitch covers, Keychains, and so many other crazy items.  Good luck trying to choose one gift!  Are you a fan of The Walking Dead?  Well, they have products that you won’t believe!  I’m talking about Negan’s Bat (Lucille).  There are all kinds of products with The Planet of the Apes.  Not a fan of that?  Ok, how about a handpainted baby Groot statue?  I’m telling you that there is something for every single nerd that you know.

So, yes, you can find quite a bit of pop culture, or “nerd” products online at many stores.  However, the prices are another thing.  Muckychris products will give you quality items at very competitive prices.  The “I am Groot” shirt that I received is only $21.99 (standard price is $19.99, but I ordered the 2XL).  I hope that you will find their great collectibles as interesting as I’ve found them.  I know I’d be happy to find any of these under my tree!  I’m sure there is something you can find no matter what holiday you celebrate!

For our wonderful readers, Muckychris is giving a 10% discount with the code THANX.

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A Special Gift For The Nerd On Your List

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