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Can the aging process really be reversed?

If you look at the last 100 years of medical advancements, you would be amazed at how far we’ve come.
All over the world, people are living longer because of improved medical treatments, better preventative care, and quicker diagnoses. And while many people are enjoying living longer, it also means more people are worried about the effects of aging.
While we continue extending lives all over the world, what can we do about some of the negative effects of aging? Can the aging process really be reversed?

To answer that, we need to look at all the different things that “aging” encompasses.
One of the things that come to mind first is our outward appearances. As we age, we begin to form wrinkles and sun spots while our skin sags in certain areas.
But luckily for many people, there is a lot that can be done to help improve our aging appearances, such as:

  • Avoiding spending too much time in the sun, or regularly applying and reapplying sunscreen as necessary.
  • Ensuring that makeup is properly removed and skin is regularly exfoliated.
  • Using an eye wrinkle serum on your eyes, another moisturizer on the face, and also ensuring the rest of the body is properly moisturized with lotion regularly.
  • Never starting, or quitting, smoking.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies, while avoiding sugar.
  • Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and efficiently get rid of toxins.
    Aside from our appearance, there are other aspects of aging that many of us would like to reverse. Another of those aspects is our joints, which can deteriorate over time or develop arthritis.

One mistake many people make is assuming that joint pain is a regular part of the aging process, but experts disagree. More often than not, this pain is caused by arthritis or some other condition — so instead of just learning to live with it, limiting interactions with family or friends, or taking pain medications regularly; you should see your doctor.
Your doctor will be able to determine what the problem is, how severe it is, and what the best course of action is in terms of treatment so you can get back to doing what you love with whom you love.
And the same goes for many of the ailments we suffer from as we age — incontinence, memory loss, falls, shortness of breath, depression, shingles, the list goes on. Many believe that as we age we must simply learn to deal with many of these issues.
The truth is, though, many of these health issues can be mitigated or even solved by a visit to the doctor who can recommend the necessary treatments, whether that’s surgery, medication, or something as simple as exercising more and eating better.
Aging can’t really be reversed — nothing can change the fact that being able to live longer also means aging and dealing with age-related issues more than our ancestors did. But the great thing about the advancements in medicine is that we also have more options for aging better.

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Kathy Tremblay

Friday 18th of November 2016

Hey Pam, Thanks a ton for this lovely post. I really found this article interesting as well informative. Thanks again looking forward to more posts like this.

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