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Wrap and Go Headphones by Wraps

   I have an ALMOST ten year old and twenty year old. (Gah, now I feel old!) These two are all about music, as am I. We always have headphones with us. Liam and I both often use music to block out noises at Doctors offices and such. So headphones is an actual need in our home. We were contacted by Wraps to check out their new wristband headphones, and were happy because they sent us two pair to try out. They sent me their gorgeous Classic Pink pair, so I was stoked! I gave my oldest Branden the Talk:Denim pair to try. 

    If you haven't heard of them yet, Wraps are headphones with fiber braided cables, that you can wear like a bracelet. No more tangled or lost earbuds! Which is perfect for this family, and I'm sure yours too, as both of our kids are ALWAYS struggling with untangling their headphones. They're simple too. All you do is move the slider up towards the earbuds. Hold the earbuds between your thumb and forefinger, and begin to wrap the cord around your wrist. Once you're done, insert the jack into the slider, then adjust the Wraps for comfort. Simple as that. My (almost) twenty year old said they “look cool and are comfortable.” He only takes them off when he showers, so that shows how much he loves them. I love mine as well. The sound quality is great! I don't wear mine as a bracelet all the time. Sometimes, I wear them like a necklace by just inserting the jack into the slider. Unlike traditional headphones, they actually stay on that way. Some Wraps also come with a built in mic for talking on your phone. The fiber cable is heavy duty and holds up so much better than traditional headphone cords.  So, super convenient, and great quality. 

    Wraps are based out of the UK, but you can get your hands on some by visiting their website. If you're in Europe, delivery is FREE! That's great news for our friends across the pond! You can also follow Wraps on social media. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.