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Why Is Honey Wine Becoming A Staple At Summer Evening Parties

Honey wine, or the “nectar of gods,” is slowly seeping its way into casual summer evening parties.

Dimmed yellow fairy lights adorning lush green trees just as the sun sets into the deep blue is a blessing to behold.

And more people want to spectate the beauties of the after-hours with a rustic wine in hand, taking in the fruits of the work.

So why is mead or honey wine gaining so much traction among the younger generation’s social gatherings?

Why Is Honey Wine Becoming A Staple At Summer Evening Parties

It is easy on the taste buds 

The first traces of the mead date back to the 7th millennium BCE.

It is a simple concoction of honey, water, and yeast, fermenting into this golden elixir in everyone’s glasses.

The presence of honey in an alcoholic beverage means that it is sweet to taste and leaves a nectar-like taste in your mouth, making you slightly tipsy. 

A lot of variety to experiment with

You find some of these with blended flavors of spices, fruits, herbs, and more. There are unflavored honey wines that are in the classic blend of honey, water, and yeast. And the other one is unflavored.

You can get unflavored meads in 3 categories, dry, sweet, and semi-sweet/dry.

Each of them suits the unique palate of those who love to lounge with a rustic flavor in hand.

You can try out the melomel, which is a fruit blended honey wine. They have distinct names based on the type of fruits used, such as:

  • Pyment: Mixed with grapes/wine
  • Cyser: Cyder or apple juice
  • Rubamel: Raspberry flavored

These are among many other splendid flavors of the golden drink.

If you are looking for a glass of mead with a slightly spicy tang, Metheglin is a fabulous choice. And of course, there is the crowd-favorite, Braggot. It is a honey-blended wine that has traces of beer mixed into it. 

Some consider it to be an aphrodisiac

If you are hosting a summer evening on a full-moon night, mead would be a perfect choice. Its sweet, smooth, and refreshing taste, alongside the light tipsy buzz, makes it an excellent drink for couples.

Or even for those looking for love on this splendid evening.

Place different variations on the table, and watch your guests savor the soothing breeze with their favorite drinks in hand. It is a sip that sets the mood. 

Why Is Honey Wine Becoming A Staple At Summer Evening Parties

It’s alcohol content is deemed safe

No one likes slouchy and drunk guests making a mess at peaceful parties. You can opt for a mead that has alcohol content within safe limits.

The amount depends on how much sugar and the type of yeast goes into the fermentation process. 

For example, if you opt for mead with beer yeast it has within 10% alcohol content.

Most mead contains wine yeast, which makes it 8% to 20% alcoholic.

So, it is up to you, the type of mead you choose, depending upon the strain of yeast. 

Honey offers multiple variations in taste

Honey in mead drinks can be distinctive. Moreover, the type of honey your mead contains depends upon the diet schedule of the bees.

Pollen and nectar are part of a bee’s diet to help produce deliciously thick honey that goes into the honey wine.  

You can opt for a milder taste from clover, orange blossom, and acacia. These have a classic and old-school feel about enjoying some sips with your friends.

Of course, if you like a more solid taste, then go for wildflower blackberry and buckwheat honey meads.

These are what goes into making the spicier mead honey wine blends. 

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