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Why Doctors Should Hire Physician Divorce Lawyer Rather Than A Usual Divorce Lawyer For A Divorce

Why Doctors Should Hire Physician Divorce Lawyer Rather Than A Usual Divorce Lawyer For A Divorce

Just like everyone, physicians and divorce are also subject to one of the harshest experiences of life: divorce. Divorce is not only emotionally upsetting, but disrupts your finances and other legal matters as well.

Doctors are widely held amongst the most respected professionals of our community. They also receive lucrative compensation for the services they render. However, during a divorce, a doctor may end up losing a lot in their respective divorce.

What is It Like for a Doctor or Physician to Get Divorced?

While the situation for physicians and doctors is also more or less the same as that of a common person when it comes to divorce, doctors may go through issues in starting a new practice due to financial issues afterwards.

Most of the doctors and physicians are usually under the burden of paying off their student loan. This continues for a long time, and it may exert much more pressure especially in the event of a divorce.

Other than student loans, doctors may have debts taken to finance their own medical practice or business. The concerned doctor may have trouble continuing their business as well as paying off their debt afterwards.

What is the Solution? Hiring a Physician Divorce Lawyer?

A regular divorce lawyer may be able to help a physician or a doctor, but may not understand their professional matters in depth. For example, under the Ohio Law, extensive investments made by established doctors may qualify as ‘marital property’. The doctor could end up losing their investments under the pretext of marital property. Such as if a doctor has made investments for medical practice.  Even if some portion of the medical practice of the doctor ends up going to the other partner, the doctor might risk losing control over the medical practice overall.

Usually in the case of physicians, one spouse may be earning lower or may sit at home to look after the children. As per Ohio Law, the judge may award spousal support for mitigating the unfairness through the income of the higher-earning spouse.

How Can We Help You with Our Physician Divorce Lawyers?

At our firm, we are dedicated to providing help for physicians getting a divorce in Ohio among other individuals. We manage to do this with the help of our physician divorce lawyers who possess expertise in this domain.

We will connect you with an experienced physician divorce attorney, who can help you out with:

  • Preservation of your retirement assets, which can be looked upon during the divorce proceedings
  • Maintenance of the value of your investments such as real estate, stocks, bonds etc.
  • Ensuring that your business stays in one piece and is not subject to division during the divorce
  • Getting the child custody or child support that you require or avoiding paying a huge amount as child custody

Contact us and get in touch with us right away, for a smooth divorce.

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