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What Makes Handmade Jewelry Superior Over Regular Jewelry

What Makes Handmade Jewelry Superior Over Regular Jewelry

Image by ztil301 via Flickr

Many people don’t see much difference in purchasing shop brought or handcrafted jewellery. To tell you the truth, you can never get the stunning, well-thought out designs in items available on the high street compared to something artisan. The beautiful thing about purchasing something hand crafted is that you are not only buying something completely exclusive, you are also helping that artist thrive and maintain their business.

This means you’re not the only one benefiting from the purchase, and you can see that with your own eyes compared to dealing with the customer services of large renowned stores.  You will also find a much more personal level of service when buying handmade. This is because a large amount of time, thought, and effort has been invested into crafting the pieces. Therefore, the maker wants to convey their passion for it and convince you to see the beauty in their range.

There’s plenty of places to look if you want to find authentic and stunning handmade designs. For example, Ringleaders Jewellery Store is a local family owned store in Brisbane that offers beautiful rings and gem stone coloured pieces.

Still need convincing that one-off hand-made jewelry is a better investment than buying regular jewelry? Here’s some great reasons:

  1. Make the special occasions, even more, special

No matter what’s coming up, your friends birthday, your one year anniversary, your sister’s wedding, hand-crafted jewellery lets you give something special to the person you care for. It shows you have put extra thought into your gift and gone out of your way to find something truly unique. If you are buying an engagement ring for example, Ring Leaders have some beautiful handmade designs that your partner won’t be able to resist. To find out more information, visit their website.

  1. You get something truly unique

Unlike purchasing something in a high-street chain, buying handmade jewellery gives you something no one else will be wearing.

  1. It’s probably more ethical

Big name brands never really reveal what goes into making their final products. As transparent as they like to think they are with their communication, many things are missing in their final marketing campaigns. Purchasing from a solo designer who takes time to source their stones and diamonds from reputable places will tell you the complete story of the design process.

  1. It doesn’t cost nearly as much as you might think.

A common misconception is that because something is handmade, that automatically makes the prices twice as high. However, that is not always the case and if you shop around you will find that there are some great deals. In fact you can actually save yourself money when buying handmade jewellery.

So don’t hold back when you are shopping for jewellery next time. Dare to go to the hand-crafted side and be more unique with your choices! The fact that someone took the time to make it by hand goes a long way in making it feel more valuable to you. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.